A Few Laughs But.. – A Million Ways To Die In The West

amilliionwaysSeth MacFarlane takes his raunchy brand of comedy to the wild west, with mixed results. MacFarlane himself stars in this comedic-want-to-be-romantic movie as Albert Stark, a sheep herder that has been scorned by the women he loves. He wants to leave town to escape his woes but is befriended by a stranger named Anna and winds up in an adventurous set of circumstances that he is ill prepared for.

Best known for his humor, MacFarlane delivers some hilarious moments from running gags to awkward misunderstandings, visual jokes, and verbal assaults. There are many times I laughed heartily out load to other times when I chuckled and shook my head. Unfortunately this is tempered by the boring and blatantly contrived love story that brought the film to screeching halts at several times. As much as I love Charlize Theron and how well she played her part, the romance in this movie was the most unbearable I have seen in a movie that is supposed to be funny.

Taken for what it is, this movie is worth a few laughs. It seems to work best when it plays on its title and goes about slaughtering people in the funniest ways fashionable. Just bear in mind that Seth MacFarlane is no Mel Brooks and this movie is no Blazing Saddles. If you go into this movie thinking it is the generational classic of its day you enter with disappointment waiting for you but if you just want to kill some times and have some laughs then proceed.

dudewantshisrug-profilePaul Novak

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