Dude’s Chronicles 11-121-2019: Ready for Christmas?

Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving. Hope you’re ready for the next holiday.


  • Stumptown – Seems like the show is tuning up a bit. I’m liking it better and it feels as if things are coming together and the show is establishing itself.
  • Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, Batwoman – I’m on record stating that these are not great shows but I still find them entertaining. The shows are about to do a cross-over event and I took the opportunity to catch up via Hulu. I’ve enjoyed my time and hope to see the event through.


  • The Gardens Between – It is a short adventure/puzzle game. I was having fun with it even though I’m not good at puzzle games and had to look up most of the solutions. However, I had to leave about half way through the game and I thought it would set me at the menu where I could just select the next mission but upon loading the game my only option was to start a new game. I’m just not interested in doing that. For puzzling my why I had to start over… 2.3/5
  • Afterparty – A fun but short adventure game where you have to out party the devil. At only two hours long it was a good bit of fun and just about the right amount of it. For being the life of a quick party… 4.7/5
  • What Remains of Edith Finch – I had been wanting to play this game for some time and it was well worth it. It wasn’t very long but it was very good. Having the story bleed out while working my way through the environment was brilliant. For getting the most out of Edith… 4.9/5


  • Riot Games to pay out $10 million dollars – To settle the discrimination and harassment suit it was facing the company will dole out a bunch of money. You know what would be even better? Maybe changing culture so that these things don’t happen to begin with. Wishful thinking.
  • Star War: Battlefront 2 update – How is this the Star Wars game getting new content? I get that it is related to the movie but a newer, better Star Wars game just release last month. It just seems weird to release a new game in the universe then turn-around and dump content into another one. Why not delay Fallen Order, taking time to fix some of its issues, and release the Battlefront 2 content instead of both? Answer: $$$.
  • Control is then isn’t coming to Game Pass – You tease.

Closing Arguments

Thanksgiving was nice and quiet. Didn’t get a post up because well… me and just about everybody else had other things to do. It made me realize though that I need to seriously consider my Game of the Year post. Yikes! Guess I should get on that.

Thanks for stopping by, please come again.

Paul Novak

Owner, Proprietor, Typer of Words, Gamer, Jester

A self described Polish ninja toiling away as an IT professional but more into gaming and writing. Physically existing on the western side of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania yet existentially flowing with the ether of the Internet.

One thought on “Dude’s Chronicles 11-121-2019: Ready for Christmas?

  1. I still need to check out Edith Finch. I downloaded Pedro and Demon’s Tilt from Gamepass and fell off both pretty quickly. Had fun with Tilt but there’s very little reason to keep playing with just one table.

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