What’s In The Box? It’s A PlayStation 4!

The first of the next generation consoles are upon us. The PlayStation 4 was released 11/15/2013 to North America and that is where I am… let’s see what’s in the box.

PS4 Box

Behold the box itself. It has a nice plastic handle for carrying the box, if you think you will be doing a lot of that. GameStop gave it to me in a very nice(that is sarcastic) black bag with handles. I won’t give you all the views of the box(this post is called What’s IN The Box after all).

The box opens from the handle side and flips open to reveal the contents.

PS4 Inside Box

Console on the left and all the other goodies on the right. Pull everything out and you find: console, controller, power cord, HDMI cable, mono wired mic, welcome packet, and special offer packet. I note the lack of a network cable though. It is recommended to hardwire the console if you are planning on doing remote play via your PS Vita but I guess saving a dollar or so was more valuable to Sony rather than helping make sure their own experience is the best it can be. However, do the math that if they plan to sell five million of these things then saving a dollar per sale adds up.

PS4 Contents

The welcome pack is the idiots guide to hooking up the system. I think this is for parents that should just let the kids do the hookup anyway. The special offer packet is the more interesting document. It contains codes for a 30 day PS Plus membership, 30 day subscription to Sony’s Music Unlimited service, and $10 PlayStation Store credit.

That is what’s in the box. For the curious, below are some pictures to compare the controller and console their predecessors.

PS4 vs PS3 Controller

PS4 vs PS3 Consoles

For your last bonus, the audio commentary.

[audio http://k007.kiwi6.com/hotlink/y7002c0zy7/witb-003-ps4.m4a]

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