State of the Fantasy…..0004

These are the things that happen when Aaron Rodgers gets hurt – you pick up Jake Locker, who gets hurt, and then I now have Nick Foles starting in two of my three fantasy leagues. Hopefully Michael Vick stays on the bench.

Let’s look to the week ahead and move on from the week past. Bench or replace any players from St. Louis and Dallas as they are on their bye this week.

Thursday – 11/14/2013

  • 8:25pm – Indianapolis at Tennessee – Despite Andrew Luck’s season low performance he should still be started. Just like players will have high spikes in fantasy they will have lows. Chris Johnson has had two decent weeks in a row but I still don’t trust him. I want to believe in T.Y. Hilton but he needs to prove he can be consistent. Only play him if you are suffering from a bye week or injury.

Sunday – 11/17/2013

  • 1:00pm – NY Jets at Buffalo – Ah, Geno Smith, is this an up week on the yo-yo of his fantasy scoring? Buffalo is a down defense that gives points and the Jets are still in the playoff hunt with this being a divisional game. I’m still starting Fred Jackson in at least one league while I bemoan C.J. Spiller.
  • 1:00pm – Baltimore at Chicago – Hey diddle diddle, Ray Rice is a riddle. The solution is to leave him on the bench. Even with Josh McCown at quaterback, I look for Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery to do well. Matt Forte should get a good amount of carries not only to ease the rush against the quaterback but the Ravens’ defense isn’t exactly impossible to run against.
  • 1:00pm – Cleveland at Cincinnati – With Andy Dalton going back to being Andy Dalton don’t expect much. A.J. Green will still do well but I’m not sure about anybody else for the Bengals. Maybe Giovani Bernard will do okay but I expect Cleveland’s defense to play well to try to stay in contention for their division.
  • 1:00pm – Oakland at Houston – Somebody has to win this game but they will be playing it. Terelle Pryor is gimped up a bit and Darren McFadden probably won’t play. Look for some down trending numbers from the Raiders. With Arian Foster out for the year, Ben Tate should be more valuable but with his rib injury it may not be a bad idea to take a look at Dennis Johnson or one of the other backups just in case. Andre Johnson should be able to get open but the question will be if Case Keenum can get the ball to him.
  • 1:00pm – Washington at Philadelphia – The aforementioned Nick Foles will be in the starting position for another week. Until he falters and shows some lackings you have to roll with the hot hand. It’s hard to accept that I have him starting in two of my leagues. Hopefully he keeps throwing touchdowns to DeSean Jackson and opening up the running game for LeSean McCoy. Washington? Robert Griffin III and Pierre Garcon??? I guess. Maybe Alfred Morris but if this game gets into a shoot out he’ll be relegated to a receiver or blocker and only of value in a PPR league.
  • 1:00- – Atlanta at Tampa Bay – I don’t like to mention the outcome of games directly other than individual player’s fantasy value but this might be Tampa Bay’s second win of the year. I picked up Tampa Bay’s defense in one league just because of this match up. Atlanta has collapsed and I don’t even know if anybody on offense is worth starting unless you have no other option. Vincent Jackson should be able to bounce back but the Tampa running game finds itself in flux again and it is not clear who will get the majority of carries.
  • 1:00pm – Arizona at Jacksonville – I will be rolling with Arizona’s defense in my other two leagues. Not sure I want any other players from this game. I hope Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald can do well but I have my reservations.
  • 4:05pm – San Diego at Miami – If Phillip Rivers and the rest if San Diego can’t be big against a team that is in utter collapse then just drop them. San Diego’s defense might be the best bye play you can find. I’m looking for Danny Woodhead to be big along with Antonio Gates. Even Ryan Matthews has big potential. Miami is just bad and I feel bad for them with everything going on.
  • 4:25pm – San Franciso at New Orleans – Frank Gore should carry the rock a lot to keep the pressure off of Colin Kaepernick. Not sure about the receiving corps from San Francisco with Vernon Davis in question but I hope Anquan Boldin gets some catches.
  • 4:25pm – Green Bay at NY Giants – Do you want or need to start Scott Tolzien or Eli Manning? If this is something you actually have to consider, please look at the waiver wire again – specifically Carson Palmer(he’s going against Jacksonville). Victor Cruz is hurting from Eli Manning’s performance but he and Hakeem Nicks are still going to get some catches. Andre Brown is a popular pick up and if you are willing to roll the dice then roll them. Jordy Nelson is going to get catches and yards regardless of the quarterback situation.
  • 4:25pm – Minnesota at Seattle – Adrian Peterson, he tries so hard and does so well given the circumstances. You have to start him if you have him. With the receiving corps in flux in Seattle, I just don’t trust any single one of them but would still take Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch.
  • 8:30pm – Kansas City at Denver – Alex Smith is a “game manager” and Peyton Manning is hurt. Start both of them. Smith will give you an average/reliable score against a defense that is stumbling. Plus, Jamal Charles will get his carries to keep that defense in check. Peyton Manning is Peyton Manning and will get points despite going against on the the league’s best defenses. Look for Wes Welker to come back with a better performance than last week.

Monday – 11/18/2013

  • 8:30pm – New England at Carolina – Tom Brady and Cam Newton are starters. Tom Brady will be even better if Rob Gronkowski and Danny Amendola are both playing. Carolina’s defense can be a solid play but not a great play facing an offense that can open it up on anyone.

Weigh your options and do your best. That’s all we can do. Good luck!


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