Olympus Has Failin

Olympus Has FallenIf you like guns and explosions then you may enjoy this movie. However, if a story and realism is your thing you may want to look elsewhere.

The movie opens at the Presidential retreat where Mike Banning, played by Gerard Butler, is part of the Secret Service team assigned to protect the President and his family. In an unforeseen accident, the President’s wife dies and from there Banning’s career goes down hill. He has fallen from grace and is working a low-level job when the story moves back to Washington D.C. but he is trying to get back on to the President’s protection detail. His world and the nation is turned asunder as a foreign enemy attacks the White House and takes control of it. Banning fights his way to and into the White House and now stands as the only defense on the inside.

Let’s discuss production value. Unfortunately you’ll find a lot of good actors giving bad performances in this film. Contrived dialogue and unrealistic conversation paths plagued this film throughout its entirety.  Even Morgan Freeman’s performance was a let down to me. Then there are the special effects that aren’t so special. I know Hollywood loves CGI and doing things digitally rather than with real objects but Olympus Has Fallen did not make good use of these assets.  There were too many scenes that just looked fake and had a plastic feel.

As a display case of Hollywood’s greed and lack of originality, a sequel to this movie is already in the works. Why? Money. They can probably get the cast back relatively cheap and just reuse a lot of the effects assets from the first film. I won’t say this is the worst movie I’ve seen all year though. There is actually a worse movie about the White House than this one.

Free on Netflix was the right price for this film. $15 at Amazon doesn’t sound like value to me. Mama said this review is over.


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