Battlefield 4 Flubs It Again

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Between Dice, EA, and Sony, I’m not sure who messed up this time, but it’s well passed ridiculous at this point. On Sony’s blog, Dice Community Manager Vincent Vukovic made a post titled “Play Battlefield 4 for Free on PS3 Tomorrow with PS Plus“. Can you tell where this went wrong already?

Although the title is technically correct, it is misleading at the least. Plus members are not getting a free copy of Battlefield 4. Rather they are getting access to a trial copy that they will be able to play for twenty hours. PlayStation has done these trials before with big titles, so it really isn’t anything new. It’s also nice that the twenty hours is clocked while actually playing and not just a static twenty hour window.

Where they went wrong was the approach. Don’t lead people to believe they are getting…

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