Falling Out of Love With the Vita

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psvitaDear Vita,

This is so hard to write but I have to tell you that it is over. It’s nothing you did, please don’t blame yourself. Really, it’s not you…it’s me. I just want more than you are capable of giving me. That sounds so selfish and terrible. I hope that you don’t hate me.

We had been growing apart for quite some time. After all, I hadn’t really touched you in a long time and that is no way for a relationship to be. Don’t pretend like you haven’t seen me with my hands on some other console’s sticks during the last few weeks. I don’t want you to try to fool yourself into thinking it wasn’t happening.

I really thought we could give it one last try. We took that trip out of town to see friends and I had such high hopes that we could rekindle what…

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Denial Might Be a River In Japan

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We’ve been outspoken about Nintendo’s ineptitude to say the least. It hasn’t only been in our more recent podcasts that we’ve been critical of the company, we spoke of their issues back in May of 2014. Apparently, we are not the only ones concerned since Michael Pachter has stated his view of Nintendo in a recent interview with GameInformer.

“I think that they are not a particularly introspective bunch. I think that they are still in denial about the Wii U failure.” – Michael Pachter

Pachter spoke about the Xbox and PlayStation platforms, but it was his answers to questions about Nintendo that were the most intriguing. No words were minced when asked about Nintendo and their failure with third-party support for the Wii U. Not only did he feel they have outright failed, he believes that the failure started with third-party support on the Wii and it is unlikely…

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Buyer’s Remorse – PlayStation TV

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pstv-boxFor those with a few bucks to spare, you may want to spare yourself from buying the PlayStation TV.  With the PS TV having been around for over a year since its introduction in Japan as PS Vita TV, it continues to struggle and has only itself to blame.

Available as a base unit for $100 and a bundle for $130, the price point for the system was not necessarily very attractive. The 2014 holiday season saw the price drop, at least temporarily, to $80 and $100, respectively.

pstv-contentsThe base unit is a bare bones configuration consisting of only the PS TV and HDMI cable. The bundle is more robust, offering the PS TV system, HDMI cable, 8GB memory card, The LEGO Movie Videogame, USB cable, and DUALSHOCK 3 controller. The increment in price makes the bundle a far superior value.

pstv-compareTake away the screen of the PS Vita and…

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PAX Prime Sale At Sony

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sony2014paxsaleFor those looking for a price break on some games, Sony is having a sale in honor of PAX Prime. Eighteen games are on sale for up to 60% off and PS Plus members can get up to 80% off the retail price. The sale prices are good through September 1st. Check out the line up to see if there is anything you feel the need to have.

Title PS Plus Price Sale Price Original Price
Alien Spidy (PS3) $2.50 $4.99 $9.99
BEYOND: Two Souls (PS3) $19.59 $27.99 $39.99
BIT.TRIP Presents… Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien (PS Vita) $4.89 $6.99 $9.99
BIT.TRIP Presents… Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien (PS3) $3.59 $5.99 $14.99
Bound by Flame (PS3) $19.59 $27.99 $39.99
Bound by Flame (PS4) $24.49 $34.99 $49.99
Child of Light (PS3) $10.34 $11.49 $14.99
Child of Light (PS4) $10.34 $11.49 $14.99
Closure (PS3) $3.74 $4.99 $14.99
Don’t Starve:…

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Console Wars: Reality Versus Perception

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Console+Wars_fc3df4_4885012Who’s better and who’s best is not something that can be decided by numbers alone. In sports, people will argue that a team with a perfect record is better just because they never lost. Boxers are unbeatable until they are beaten. When it comes to consoles and games, even the most bitter sports rivalry can be matched.

We can all argue for who we like best and why. We can even disclude the fair-weather fans and fan boys if we want, but inevitably we make our own choices. In the court of public opinion, marketing is an unfortunately heavy influence. Furthermore, marketing likes to lean on raw facts and ways that they can “represent” them to us.

One of the most popular topics of the day is console sales. Even being only eight months into the most recent consoles, people want a winner declared and the war to be over, but…

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Sharknado: The Video Game – This Is Not A Joke

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sharknado2If you can’t wait until July 30th for some Sharknado action, then get your iOS device ready for Sharknado: The Video GameSyfy has promised that the endless runner game for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch will be available before Sharknado 2: The Second One airs on July 30th.

I don’t have the word to describe my giddiness over this. My only hope is that it is as ridiculously stupid as the original movie.

(Source: GameInformer)

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Batman: Arkham Origins Blocked Gate

Batman: Arkham Origins BlackgateOne of the better Vita games I’ve played but that isn’t much of an endorsement.

Batman is on patrol in Gotham when he comes across Catwoman for the first time. After a chase and fight, he apprehends her and she is sent to Blackgate. After a time lapse, Batman is alerted to a riot condition at Blackgate. He goes there to settle the situation only to find it worse than he imagined. The Joker, Penguin, and Black Mask are all working plans to use the chaos to expand their criminal enterprises. Now Batman must stop all of them and deal with Catwoman who has tentatively aligned herself as an ally.

Much like the console Batman games, there are good and bad things about this game. As I stated previously, this is one of the better games that I have played on the Vita. With that said though it was also one of the most frustrating. Controls were a big issue throughout the game. When trying to enter an air shaft or other crawl space, you are prompted to hold O or X but if you do not press and hold it as the exact time the game expects you to you may or may not enter into the air shaft. The same timing issue also crops up in game action during fights, particularly when trying to counter an enemy. This is a huge frustration during certain boss fights. On the plus side, the graphics were very good for a handheld game. Keep in mind that this is not meant to be the equal of a Batman console game and is exactly what it was meant to be, a handheld game. The available actions and gadgets are scaled back and this is another plus. It would have been a disservice to the player to try to make them aim a Batarang as they do on the console version.

Even though the name implies a connection to the Batman: Arkham Origins game, there is little if any link other than the name. The story doesn’t hand-off or pick up much if anything from the console game. There is an attempt to bring the two together in the credits if you watch through them. I personally could not figure out when this game fits into the timeline of the Batman game series. It has to be after the story in Origins but felt like it was before Arkham City. If you or anybody knows how this timeline works, feel free to let me know.

As much as I want to recommend this game I can’t, at least not at the current asking price. I enjoyed the game in the long run but also can’t say that its value was worth the cost.  Amazon and other retailers are still asking about $35 for the game.

Unfortunately, this game and its console companion have been less than what I expected. Perhaps the only hope left is that Rocksteady will take the reins back and do things right on the next-gen consoles but will I still be interested by then???