Dude’s Chronicles 11-121-2019: HiThere…

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Don’t worry, I was just being lazy last week.


  • Stumptown – I still really want to like this show but it just seems like something is missing.  Not sure what it is I don’t care for about it but it is gnawing at me. However, I keep watching it.


  • Destiny 2 – I’ve reached level 100in the current season and am still having fun playing it. That is a bit odd to say since it is a lather, rinse, repeat type of experience but nonetheless it’s a good time… for now.
  • Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order – I’d really be enjoying this game a lot more if A. the combat didn’t suck and B. the game didn’t run worth $#1&! I don’t like the combat system. That doesn’t mean that it is bad or broken, just I don’t like it. Even with trying to parry and dodge it doesn’t feel as responsive as the same moves in God of War. On a technical level, this game is garbage level. Load times are a joke. If I die I can walk to the kitchen, get a drink, walk back, and still not be respawned yet. Then there are the frame-rate issues. I’m playing on a launch Xbox One, so I didn’t expect greatness but yikes! This game constantly drops to a chop and perform like trash. There was already two patches and I hope another is coming just for the performance issues.


  • Xbox Game Pass – Getting everything from Halo: Reach to Yakuza just makes this service more impressive. I can’t help but think back to the Xbox One launch and how poorly it was handled to how different things are now. What if Phil Spencer had been in charge back then?
  • New Half-Life game – Sorry, it’s not Half- Life 3. It’s Half-Life Alyx and it’s a VR game. Not sure how well this will be recieved but people love the Half-Life, I happen to not be one of them. Good to see Valve working on games though.
  • New Mass Effect game – According to Bioware it’s in “early development’ and I take that to mean an actual game would be about 4-5 years away. Maybe in the meantime they can do those remasters of the original trilogy that everybody is always on about.

Closing Arguments

I was in training all week, which was good. Somehow I feel like getting back to work would be a good thing though.

Thanks for stopping by, please come again.

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