Dude’s Chronicles 11-7-2019: Working on the Weekend

Who wants to work with me this weekend?


  • She-Ra and the Princess of Power: Season 4 – The show picks back up from the last season but this one is much darker. It features a lot of infighting with the princess group and The Horde is winning more. It left on a cliff-hanger which I didn’t appreciate but it as still a good season.
  • Supergirl – I enjoy this show but I’m not as sure about this season. I’ll hold off judgement until I finish the season, which I have not.


  • Destiny 2 – The Halloween event was fun for a while and I played a good bit of it but it did get repetitive. Kind of started to remind me why I fell off of Destiny 2 when I did. Time will tell how much more I keep playing.


  • Blizzard’s non-apology – From what I saw of it and know about the situation, it felt like a child saying ‘I’m sorry the vase is broken’ but not apologizing for breaking it. It didn’t feel like they were truly contrite nor are the committing to changing anything more forward. Feels bad overall.
  • Diablo 4 – Even with how poorly the PR train is going at Blizzard they are still making game announcements.  I loved Diablo 3 and even with my ire of Blizzard at the moment I completely am behind another one of these games and the early view looks pretty good.
  • Overwatch 2 – As someone who was heavy into Overwatch but has not even touched it in months, the idea of a new game is intriguing. The PVE and story is what interests me the most since the grind of PVP is what drove me away from the game in the first place.

Closing Arguments

I’ll be working a good part of the weekend and that is the only thing I have planned. Not exactly exciting.

Thanks for stopping by, please come again.

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