Dude’s Chronicles 10-10-2019: I Survived!

I made it through unscathed. Now I should be safe until next year.


  • Dave Chappelle: Sticks and Stones – As edgy as ever, Chappelle delivers yet another thought provoking show. He may offend a lot of people with his humor but I think he tells it in such a way as to make people think about it. Not that he is anything like Mel Brooks, this is the same way I think about Blazing Saddles. Make people laugh at something that is not right but make them think about it too. For still putting on a great show… 4.89/5.
  • Stomptown – After watching the first two episodes, I’m curious what they need to fix in this show. Other than having a female lead it seems like I’ve seen this character before. Army vet with PTSD and an alcohol problem that turns into a private investigator. Maybe it’s too early to tell but it just seems like the show is trying to do a bunch of stuff and just not landing any off it. I understand it is early on, however, I may not stick with it for long.


  • Destiny 2 – Since it went “free-to-play” I decided to check it out again. I had played through the pre-expansion game on PS4 but for some unknown reason I wanted to see how a new player would experience the game so I started anew on Xbox One. It still plays a lot like the Destiny 2 I remember but it also feels different in a way that I can’t quite explain yet. One thing that unfortunately has remained us the terrible quest tracking system. At any given time I’m not sure what I should be doing much less how to go about it. I’ve finished the original and about


  • PS5 announcement – The holiday 2020 timeframe was pretty much the go to guess for the launch but Sony confirming makes it more solid since it probably now puts it into budget projections. I’m on the border of what I’m doing when the new consoles launch. I bought both Xbox and PS at launch last time but for how little I’m using my PS lately I’m not sure I’ll be doing the same next-gen. At least I have some time to see how things sort out.
  • PC release of Red Dead Redemption 2 – I would play this game again. I don’t want to buy it again but the idea of it on PC does intrigue me. It also crosses my mind, does this mean they may finally release the Red Dead Redemption on PC? I know Rockstar likes money, as do we all, and I bet this would sell a ton of copies.
  • Activision vs China vs Gamers vs Politics – I won’t deny that Activision is in a tough spot. I also won’t deny that they did not help themselves out any. In trying not to upset China, a very large gaming market, they have upset… well, just about everybody else it seems. The thing is though, we as gamers are still an under-culture. Proof to point, when it comes to the discussion of games and China, in the limited news reports I only see coverage about the NBA’s issues with China. Not that our opinion doesn’t matter and that we should not take action but be tempered in that we likely will not change the situation, though perhaps we can help it speak. It’s hard to accept that people anywhere are not free to express themselves, be it politically, personally, sexually, socially, or any in other way but the truth of the matter is that as much as we deny it censorship and suppression are still very real things in many parts of our world. Be good to each other. Slowly, but surely, the world can be a better place.

Closing Arguments

On a positive note, Chuck has gotten some of the material for The Unlikely Herocast uploaded. He did a special you should take a listen to here. If you’ve still got some time, he also uploaded two other episodes from some time back and can be found here.

As for myself, I’m looking forward to the sickness. That is… every year for the last 5-6 years I’ve been getting the flu shot and within a few days I am ill enough that I have to take time off of work. I won’t say it is the flu but I will say that I am ill after getting the shot. Why get the shot then? Well… I work in a healthcare environment and for patient safety reasons it has been mandated that employees, all of us, get the flu shot or wear a respirator mask(the paper cup over your mouth kind) for the entire flu season. I choose to get the flu shot and get sick. I could use the time off anyway.

Thanks for stopping by, please come again.

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