Dude’s Chronicles 6-13-2019: That E3 Stuff

Lot’s of stuff was talked about at the E3 shows this last week. Some of it was exciting while other stuff was disappointing.


  • Captain Marvel – I thought it was good but I feel like I missed something because I just don’t see how people think it was amazing. Maybe it just wasn’t what I was expecting or wanted. For being just another Marvel movie that wasn’t marvelous… 2.5/5


  • Dauntless – This game feels like it is missing something. After about 10+ hours of it I’m done with it. The loop of hunting isn’t doing anything for me since it is just a bunch of button mashing. I tried changing to the pistols as a ranged weapon instead of a melee weapon. It felt ok until I realized I was doing extremely less damage than my teammates. The game is still new and if they add and fix it significantly I would be willing to return.


  • EA – They have a bad show every year and this was no exception.  They stayed away from Anthem as much as possible.  I don’t care about The Sims or their sports franchises. The only thing of any interest was the Star Wars: Fallen Order but even that doesn’t look great. While the game play was rolling I could only think about how much is just blandly looked like another Force Unleashed game. I’m in the minority of liking the Force Unleashed games but I admit they were terribly problematic and if Fall Order doesn’t show something more endearing I just don’t think I’ll even buy this game. EA being EA so… 0.8/5
  • Microsoft – Point blank, this was the show I enjoyed the most. It’s not that they showed the best or most exciting games but I think that Phil Spencer did a good job laying out the vision of where Xbox is going. Everything from the games and studios to the services and new hardware. The only game I was stoked about was one that already had me and that was Cyberpunk 2077 but how can you not love a good Keanu Reeves appearance??? Bonus points for getting half of Bill and Ted on stage… 6/5
  • Bethesda – Ugh… watching this show was like listening to you boss talk up the department and how much good it did this year when you really now it’s struggling and things are shit. I knew they had to talk about Rage 2 and they would avoid calling it a miss. Fallout 76 should have been a straight out apology but rather than doing that they joked about it and talked it up. WTF? I don’t play a lot of Bethesda game but I use to at least respect the studio… things change. For having no respect… 0.08/5
  • Devolver  Digital – I love how they make themselves part of being E3 by panning it. This show gives me a good chuckle every year and I thank them for it. Oh, and they make games. For being the E3 hero we needed but not deserving… 10/5
  • Ubisoft – Their press conferences are always the most uncomfortable to watch. They talk about a bunch of games and IP that I don’t care about but I can see that they are genuinely passionate about it. The next Watch Dogs game was the big takeaway but after not even playing much of the last game I don’t know that I was swayed. Since they still believe… 3.5/5
  • Square Enix – Short version.. if you like RPG’s, particularly Final Fantasy, then this was a good show.  Since I don’t care for RPG’s I’ll say I’m happy for those that do. Looks like you have a busy future ahead of you. For not trying to pull out another Tomb Raider game… 3/5
  • Nintendo – Look… I won’t apologize for not being a fanboy here. With that said, I’m glad that Nintendo does their thing and that people are excited about it. I still don’t own a Switch and don’t plan to change that but it looks there is some amazing stuff coming(just wish I had an interest). Because you keep being breathtaking… 4.8/5

Closing Arguments

Others will rate the shows differently but I can only give you my take. Sure felt weird with Sony being completely absent.

Chuck and I are on what one may call “a roll” with yet another episode of The Unlikely Herocast. Feel free to listen.

As much as I like seeing E3 again I’m glad it is over. Now I want to see where all the games are and what really comes of what was said.

Thanks for stopping by, please come again.

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