Dude’s Chronicles 5-30-2019: Wet Paint

So… its been a while but here I am. For reasons I won’t go into I wasn’t here. For reasons I won’t go into I’m back.


  • Overboard – This was a remake of an 80’s movie that I remember very fondly. I also remember that it wasn’t very good. The remake is no different. It was entertaining and whimsical in some ways but the premise is so absurd that you can’t buy too far into it. It had some heart and gave some entertaining moments but in the end… 2.5/5.
  • Ready Player One – The movie had a bunch of pop culture references and tried so hard to be endearing but somehow fell short. It felt like a movie that should have been made in about 1985 for all the corniness it had. I did enjoy it but I guess I just didn’t have much expectation going into it so there wasn’t much that could disappoint me, so… 3.1/5
  • Tomb Raider – It was very true to the game series that inspired it but somehow just felt flat, just like the recent rebooted game series. The look and feel of the movie very much invoked the game but maybe that was the problem. The movie was too much like the game and they didn’t take it in a direction that was more real and relatable. It was ok and I don’t regret seeing it once meaning… 3/5
  • The Predator – I was excited to see Jake Busey but that excitement quickly dashed as was my enjoyment of watching this film. I would rate this as a ‘B’ movie but it had a more ‘direct to video’ feel. It just felt like that script was made up as they went along and someone asked ‘how do you make a Predator scarier?’ with someone else answering ‘I dunno, make him taller?’. For abusing the sanctity of the Predator franchise… -1/5
  • Game of Thrones: Season 8 – Despite what anyone else may have to say, I enjoyed this final season. It was well written and produced, my only knock would be the pacing. It seems to me all the haters are just disappointed that it didn’t go the way they wanted. Hate to say it but get used to it since many things in entertainment and life won’t. For being on par with all other seasons… 4.87/5
  • Giant Bomb: Crime Crew – They recently started this series and I love it. It is the East coast crew playing the GTA 5 heists and it is hilarious. If you aren’t a Premium member on the site I suggest to sign up for a trial just to try it out and see the first few episodes(during your trial also watch the Exquisite Corps).
  • Twitch – I’ve been watching Macho run people through and speedrun the raid. He and his crew struggled at first but came in as the third crew to finish it so congratulations.


  • The Division 2 – After finally finishing my third specialization, Survivalist, I am done with this game. For some reason I had it in my head that I need to complete the skill tree so that all the specializations would be available to me but now I feel like I just don’t want to play the game. There is no gear I care about getting and the raid looks like a ball busting experience that isn’t worth getting gear I don’t care about. I hope they add modes like Underground and Survival from the first game into this game so I have a reason to come back to it.
  • Life is Strange 2: Episode 3 – I’m two hours into and I think I’m at a pivotal moment and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I hate that they are taking so long to complete this game but I am loving it when I get to play it.


  • A lot of people played Dauntless – Release a good looking RPG for free and 5 million people logon? Huh? I want to play this game and have even downloaded it on PC but I’m waiting until the weekend when I have some time to actually dedicate to the game.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog film delayed – A. Why wasn’t it cancelled? B. Why was it made to begin with? C. Why to I have to ask A and B?
  • Tariff wars – Trump vs. China wants to raise the tariff on game consoles from 10%(?) to 25% because that will solve things(???). Trade agreements are more complicated than I understand but singling out gaming feels bad. How about we call out cellphone imports? Raise that a percent or two and I think you’ll get more revenue since more cellphones are sold than game consoles. (Which is exactly why they won’t do it because of the broader impact and it is easier to impact a niche consumer group.) Way to address the issue and side-step the real problem while making gamers look bad because if we complain or say anything we are just whining.
  • Modern Warfare – The next Call of Duty game is named Modern Warfare, not to be confused with the other game from years ago that was called Modern Warfare. I wish I cared more about this series since Modern Warfare 2 was a game that I put hundreds of hours into but the games since then have just not hooked me at all. I’ve only plated some of them long after their initial release and found them to be mediocre. Hopefully this retooling of the series will be a fresh start
  • Death Stranding – The official release date is November 8th of this year. I never thought this game was going to release much less this year. This game is still a mystery to me in that I don’t understand what it is about or what you are to be doing in it. The Metal Gear-ness of this game is obvious but I just don’t know that I want anything to do with it. However, good on them for putting a release date out and hopefully it sticks but I wouldn’t be surprised if the date slips.

Closing Arguments

My absence and disinterest has been caused by several factors that I will not go into at this time. However, I find that things have taken a turn and I feel like doing stuff again.  In that vein, Chuck and I got back together for The Unlikely Herocast, go check it out if you have the chance. I hope we keep up with it(we recorded a second episode but it isn’t up yet0.

The reason I rated several movies and such this week is because I was on-call for work which basically puts me in lock-down mode for the weekend. Since it was a holiday weekend I had an extra day of not really being able to do much outside of my apartment. Others take that as a burden but I take it as an opportunity. Under the lock-down I cleaned my apartment thoroughly to the point that the only thing left to clean is the carpet(see you next weekend). I even repainted my windowsill and surroundings, yea it got that deep. That also led me to getting a trial of HBO via Amazon Prime and that is how I watched most of those movies and Game of Thrones. That trial didn’t inspire me to keep HBO and I will have already cancelled it by the time you read this but hey… thanks Amazon!

Thanks for stopping by, please come again.

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A self described Polish ninja toiling away as an IT professional but more into gaming and writing. Physically existing on the western side of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania yet existentially flowing with the ether of the Internet.

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