Dude’s Chronicles 11-8-2018: No Signal

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Since I was feeling better, I decided to work a bunch of weird hours at work. Somehow I wish I was sick again.


  • Queen: Mercury Rising – A short documentary about Queen. I just needed something to watch and I saw this on Amazon Video so I watched it.
  • Starship Troopers – This is really one of those so-bad-it’s-good movies for me.  Age hasn’t hurt it at all since it was so bad to begin with.
  • Extra Life – I mostly watched the Giant Bomb broadcasts for the Game Day weekend but I popped into a few others. The most impressive was Alex Navarro’s 24 hour Rock Band drumming marathon. There were over $50,000 in donations in his segment and he earned all of it.


  • Red Dead Redemption 2 – I keep playing but I still have the same issues with the game I mentioned last week and as I keep going I think the story is getting worse. Maybe I hate myself more than I’ll admit because I’m going to keep playing this game. I keep thinking the game is good but not as great as people make it out to be.


  • FFXV DLC canceled – I’m not a big Final Fantasy fan but I thought the series was in a good place with this game and the other remasters but apparently not. Three out of four DLC packages have been canceled and the director has left. That kind of sucks and hopefully it doesn’t mean further problems for the franchise.
  • Destiny 2 free on PC – This was announced at Blizzcon and is available until November 18. The game is not great but free is a great price. If you have a PC that will run it you should go pick it up. I feel as though they are trying to drum up interest in this game with the less than expected success of the last expansion. I’m curious what the future of this game is since the Activision and Bungie deal is nearing it’s end.
  • Diablo Immortal – Look, if you don’t want to play a mobile Diablo game you don’t have to. There is no reason to go about spreading a bunch of hate about it like a lot of people have taken to doing. If you think this game is halting a full version sequel, the talk from Blizzard indicates otherwise. Just relax. Diablo is still hugely popular and I think Blizzard wants to treat it right. Personally, I don’t care for any mobile games. Likely, I’ll check Diablo Immortal out just to see what it is like but won’t spend significant time with it but I’m not going write or say much against it otherwise.

Closing Arguments

After watching a bunch of Extra Life I had the same thought I do every year. “I should really participate in this.” It would be a good deed on my part and give me something to focus on. To that point I feel like I should record and stream more. I started back down this path only to find my capture device wasn’t working. Fast forward a few hours through reboots, cable swaps, and opening my PC. I’ll tell you how to fix a problem with your Elgato HD60 Pro giving the dreaded “No Signal” message…. update the drivers for your NVIDIA GPU. How in the hell these are related I’m not sure. How this became the problem after doing no update to either my GPU or the Elgato makes even less sense. Regardless, the problem is fixed and I can proceed. I have yet to decide how to proceed.

(Update: The capture card stopped working again. I hate technology.)

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