Dude’s Chronicles 11-1-2018: Better Not Good

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I’m just about done with my meds and I’m feeling better but still not good.


  • Big Mouth: Season 2 – It was funny but didn’t have the charm of the first season. It was still enjoyable.
  • Castlevania: Season 2 – This season was much longer then the first but just as good. I already want to watch it again.
  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – I’ve only watched the first couple of episodes but I’m having the same problem with it that I had with Orange is the New Black. The show is well produced and written but I find the main character to be so grating that I can barely stand it. I’ll likely keep watching the show but I don’t know that I’ll get to the point where I enjoy it, much like I never got to liking Orange is the New Black even after watching three seasons of it.


  • Marvel’s Spider-Man – The DLC was not good. It was short but that wasn’t the problem. I didn’t like how the story progressed and felt the end was dissatisfying even with knowing it was setting up more DLC.
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 – I’m liking it but not loving it. The game looks very good even on my launch Xbox One. I have two main issues with the game, however. For one, the controls aren’t good. If you go to interact with something it doesn’t always work or it doesn’t seem to prompt correctly. The second problem is the fact that the game makes you travel back and forth across the map. This makes it feel like the game is not respecting my time. I can take in and enjoy the environment only so many times and when I end up in events, especially ambushes, that I don’t intend to be in makes it feel even worse. I can kind of work with that first problem but the second problem is bugging more.


  • Sorry but I haven’t been following much if any gaming news of late. All I’ve seen that I can remember is that Red Dead Redemption 2 made almost a billion dollars already but I don’t see that as big news because everybody knew the game was going to sell well.

Closing Arguments

Just as an antidote, I’ll share one of my most satisfying moment in RDR2 so far. It was just past dusk and I was trying to ride back to my camp for the evening. I went off the trail because there were men there threatening me and I just didn’t want to deal with them. I eventually found my way back to the trail but I saw what looked like light coming from somewhere in the forest. This intrigued me so I rode my horse closer. As I grew nearer I could see that it was men holding torches and I could hear them talking. Once I got relatively close, I could see that the men were wearing white robes and hoods. I’ll let you guess what they were talking about and planning to do. At this point I took it upon myself to toss a lit stick of dynamite into this group. Of about fifteen to twenty men, two of them survived. They started shooting at me but I quickly disposed of them with pistol.

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