Dude’s Chronicles 6-6-2018: The One Before E3

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E3 is almost here!


  • Westworld: Season 2, Episode 7 – Meh, show is definitely not interesting me but I’ll watch the rest of the season for no other reason than I’ve watched this much of it already.
  • Atomic Blonde – Still love the aesthetics of the film and I keep watching for some unknown reason.
  • Blade Runner 2049 – I was one of the people that didn’t think this movie should have happened but I’m glad it was good. Even watching it again though I don’t think it is as good as some people make it out to me. The first movie was still much better.


  • Battletech – After a few more hours of playing I’ve decided I’m done with this game. The combat isn’t rewarding enough to deal with all of the inventory and other busy work the game forces you to do. In combat I feel like I’m taking more damage than I’m dealing on a consistent basis.
  • Beyond: Two Souls – Finishing the game a second time did not make it any better. With the remix of the time line actually being in order made it more approachable but the story still is bad.
  • XCOM 2 – The first few missions do a lot of hand holding to get you going, which is nice. Having played the original game on PC, I’m struggling a bit with the PS4 controls but I think I’ll get the hang of it.


Well…. the pre-E3 news dump is upon us. Let’s do a quick version

  • Fortnite on Switch – This no-brainer was inevitable. The only real question in my opinion is what, if any, cross-platform support with there be?
  • Destiny expansion – I really wish I cared about this game. This isn’t doing anything to get me back into it either.
  • Bungie sells portion to NetEase – This is probably a long term strategy move so that they have money from someone other than Activision.
  • Evolve’s free-to-play going offline – The “classic” version will still be available but it’s not a good sign the that free-to-play mode, which was meant to prop up interest in the game, is going away.
  • Square Enix no longer developing ‘Go’ games – Not sure how well these games sold but the mobile market space just isn’t what it was and these games probably don’t fit into it any more.
  • Hitman 2 – Excited to hear that more of this game is coming. I never played the last game but I loved watching the Giant Bomb crew play. Some of the most ridiculous but perfect moments.
  • Valve to stop policing Steam – As if the store wasn’t already a mess, now they are even going to try to control it?
  • Generation Zero from Avalanche – The trailer looks like a mash up of Horizon Zero Dawn, the movie Red Dawn, State of Decay and it all set in 1980’s Sweden. Looks neat but I’d like to see more of it before getting excited about it.

Closing Arguments

E3 is at hand and all its glory. I predict Microsoft will roll out Crackdown 3 in some manner, maybe not in the main press event though, and something Halo related. Sony will have Call of Duty and Death Stranding. As far as those ‘chance-in-hell’ predictions, Half Life 3, I guess. Personally, I think there will be some unexpected announcements but there probably won’t be anything Earth shattering. Maybe Microsoft does something with Holo-lens or VR, Sony will probably try to push VR with some new games, and Nintendo will come out showing a bunch of games.

It feels like a weird time for E3 this year. The show itself is still evolving and games industry is nearing a transition point. The show is open to the public for the second year and there have already been a slew of announcements before the show has started. The press events continue to get further spread out as well. What seems the strangest to me is that we are potentially looking at new consoles announcing next year for a 2020 release. Yes, we are that far into this console generation.

Regardless, I will be watching as many of the press events I can. During the week I probably stay up way too late watching the Giant Bomb shows.

Oh, and I sat down with three other gents to record a podcast. Take a listen.

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