Dude’s Chronicles 5-17-2018: Bees?!?!?

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I’ll let you guess what I’ve been watching more of.


  • Westworld: Season 2, Episode 4 – This feels like the first episode that did anything substantial and actually moved some of the plot forward. Until now I didn’t have much hope and a waning interest but know I’m curious again.
  • Arrested Development: Season 4 – It still amazes me how much more I am enjoying it after the remix.
  • Black Panther – If I missed something about this movie then it was a complete and total miss because this felt like the worst Marvel movie yet. The plot and the characters never came together much less resonated in any way. Good thing other people enjoyed it but it just wasn’t what I expected or wanted. I still plan on watching it again just to see if I did miss something.


  • XCOM: Enemy Within – Trying to finish out the Enemy Within campaign so I can move on to …
  • Battletech – Having played a little bit more of this game I am interested in it but trying to weave my playing time in-between it and XCOM just doesn’t work. Although they are both turn based games the mechanics are very different. My experience has been that swapping between them just won’t work, therefore I want to finish my XCOM play-through  then tackle Battletech.
  • God of War – I really tried to finish all of the Valkyrie fights but that last one really soured me on the whole thing. I probably failed on that fight about 50 times and that was after I turned down the difficulty. Just so one fight didn’t ruin what I thought of the game, I stopped playing this game. My thoughts are still very positive of this game and my failure at this fight is more my fault than anything but it’s still a bummer to not be able to pull it off.


  • Rage 2 is official – Guess those Wal-Mart Canadians weren’t fooling. Since they accidentally outed the game, and potentially others, Bethesda just went ahead and officially announced it. Never having played the first one, I’m not too interested in it.
  • RIP Boss Key – Four short years after opening the Cliff Bleszinski studio has shut its doors. It may have been that they over invested in Lawbreakers and its underperformance drained the company of resources. The last ditch effort of Radical Heights apparently didn’t help replenish those resources. Hope all those out of jobs find new ones soon.
  • Battlefield V is official – This wasn’t a big surprise. Not sure how interested I am as I didn’t get into Battlefield 1 and this is supposed to be structured similar to it.
  • Xbox Adaptive Controller is official – Good on Microsoft working to bring games to more people that can’t use standard or traditional controls.

Closing Arguments

No big plans this weekend. Last weekend wen’t well with the family. Spent most of the day at my mother’s cooking prime rib, which was fantastic. Nothing like that, or anything at all, planned just going to take it as it comes.

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