Dude’s Chronicles 5-10-2018: That One After An On-Call Weekend

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No call this weekend but it’s Mother’s Day weekend. Time for family stuff.


  • Westworld: Season 2, Episode 3 – Haven’t watched it, maybe tonight(not a very strong maybe).
  • Robotech – I finished the 85 episodes and it was a mix of stuff I remembered and stuff that just seemed weird.  Maybe it’s an anime thing but this series just had a strange feel to it. It’s not the regular cartoons I’m accustomed to but that not necessarily a bad thing. Maybe I’ll watch more anime, or maybe not.
  • Arrested Development: Season 4 – The remix of this season makes it so much more watchable it is astounding. I hated the season when it was first release because it was so hard to watch and follow because of how the formatted the episodes. They have completely undone that format and this feels much more like the original show. Thanks Ron Howard for fixing what you broke. Before they did this I was against a Season 5 but now I want to watch Season 4 before Season 5 releases at the end of the month.


  • XCOM: Enemy Within – Back into the game after restarting the campaign. My summation that I was ill prepared is apparently correct as I am handling encounters much better this time around.
  • Battletech – I think I have my GPU problem under control, more on that some other time, but I’ve been too into other games(see above and below) to put any time into this game.
  • God of War – Every time I think I’m done with this game I find myself back into it. I did a lot of the realm encounters and thought I was done but apparently there were two more realms that I had not even been to. This kept me going for a while and then I decided to try the Valkyrie fights. Even after turning the difficulty down all I can say is those Valkyries are a bunch of MF’ers.


  • God of War photo mode – Much like Horizon Zero Dawn this is a huge addition. The game is absolutely gorgeous and photo mode will surely bring out the creativity in players. Looking forward to all the pictures.
  • Wal-marts ooops! – Why announce your game at E3 when you can just have a major retailer out your game by mistaken posting a pre-order for it? Those crazy Canadians posted pre-orders for games like Gears of War 5, Borderlands 3, and a few other games both announced and unannounced. Still not a 100% confirmation but certainly more evidence.
  • Steam Link app on Android and iOS – So, your Apple TV can do what the Steam Link hardware does? So, there is no point for a Steam Link device? So, Steam Link and Steam Machines are both dead??? Well, kill off the Steam Controller and Valve is officially out of the hardware business. Good thing they are back to making games! All joking aside, this is actually a pretty cool idea but I don’t know how practical it is. As someone who has tried to stream his PS4 to his Macbook, I’m not sold on this being a practical application.

Closing Arguments

Don’t forget to do something nice for your mother. Happy Mother’s Day!

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