Dude’s Chronicles 5-3-2018: That One Before An On-Call Weekend

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It seems like I was just on-call for work just a short time ago. That’s mostly because I was and now it is that time again.


  • Westworld: Season 2, Episode 2 – Well, it was better than the previous episode, which is somewhat of a backhanded compliment. I’m clearly not as into this show as many others are. It just feel like the plot is too scatter-shot. Game of Thrones handled multi-threaded plot lines much better.
  • Robotech – I remember this being on during the morning cartoons of my youth. The first season is what I remember but the second season is a total mystery to me. There is an uncomfortable amount of cartoon boobs and buts. It’s weird just to see them but they are shown in shower scenes that seem to be there for no other reason than to show said boobs and butts. I’ve made it through about 50 of the 85 episode, guess I’ll just finish it out regardless of the cartoon nudity.
  • Arrival – Maybe I missed something but I just don’t get it. This whole movie felt like it was a set up to another movie that likely will be just as much so not worth watching.


  • Detroit: Become Human Demo – Yep, don’t want this game. Didn’t like anything about the demo and I’m 1000% sure I am not buying this. Not saying it is a bad game, I’ll let others play the full release and give opinions on that, but I didn’t care for the look, feel, or game play of the demo.
  • XCOM: Enemy Within – I ended up starting over. It felt like I had made some bad choices about research and upgrade options that led me to be dealing with enemies that I didn’t have the firepower to properly dispose of them.
  • Battletech – Running into technical issue with my GPU over-heating. That is not this game’s fault but it is preventing me from playing. Working on a resolution. I really want to play this game.
  • God of War – Finished the main story and now I’m exploring the world. I didn’t do many side quests or anything during my play-through and I am finding there is a ton of stuff to do other than the story. Read my review if you didn’t already,. Great game, enough said.


  • Here’s the short version – The next Tomb Raider looks great; I wish I cared about Red Dead Redemption 2; State of Decay 2 looks like a nightmare-ish management simulator; PUBG cracking down on cheaters; people are starting to talk about E3.

Closing Arguments

What sucks is being on-call for work twice in the span of about a month. What makes it worth it is that I won’t be on-call again until August. Sacrifices must be made to get some gains.

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5 thoughts on “Dude’s Chronicles 5-3-2018: That One Before An On-Call Weekend

  1. I’m torn on Detroit, really. I liked Heavy Rain but couldn’t stand Beyond: Two Souls. I’m giving BTS a 2nd chance since it’s free this month with PS Plus, but Detroit will most definitely be a rental if it’s stocked at Red Box. Otherwise, I’ll wait for a price drop. I typically enjoy these narrative adventure games but David Cage just kinda sucks at writing them.

    I’ve said it before on Twitter, but I really liked *playing* the Tomb Raider reboot and Rise, but their characters and stories were pretty uninteresting. I know I’ll pick up Shadow when it releases, but I really hope they’ve put a little more effort into the storytelling this time around. Going by the cliche Mayan apocalypse thing, I’m guessing not.

    Arrival was a film that I didn’t get the hype surrounding it until after it was over and I did some deeper reading into the film’s themes. Everything made a lot more sense and I enjoyed it more after the fact, but the movie itself didn’t wow me the first time around.

    I saw GB posted a new Garfield game let’s play, so that’s my night sorted.

    • Detroit just doesn’t seem like something I’m into so I’ll just pass. Maybe I’ll hit the rental route later but it’s definitely a not purchase.

      Tomb Raider has a “good enough” plot for me. I like the game play and environment enough to keep coming back. I never played the old school Tomb Raider games but it seems like those were a lot weaker.

      I want to watch Arrival again just to see if I missed something but then I think “couldn’t I just watch something else that I actually want to see” and that take command.

      Gertsfield in full effect. I plan on watching that again… yes, again.

      • Niad is sad the Gerstfield shirts are sold out in mediums and I can’t blame her. Now that 13 Deadly Sims is over I’m glad they put out a new Garf series to fill the void.

        If you haven’t yet, maybe just read up on some Arrival theories on your phone during a bathroom break. Sounds better than sitting through a 2 hour movie.

        Tomb Raider and Rise had stellar game play and world design – especially Rise – I just want more of the Uncharted storytelling moments, I guess?

      • Maybe, hear me out, I don’t rewatch Arrival and I don’t read about it. Huh? What if I just walk away?

        Tomb Raider has moments it hits and ones it misses. Weird how Uncharted ripped off Tomb Raider then Tomb Raider ripped off Uncharted. Kind of feel like both franchises got better from it.

      • Totally valid option, haha.

        It’s definitely weird, but I wholly agree. Uncharted capitalized on Tomb Raider’s stagnation and used a similar formula. Worked out great. Plus, not every studio has the writing chops of Naughty Dog.

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