Dude’s Chronicles 2-8-2018: Sleep?

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Sorry about not posting last week. It was a rough week and I just didn’t have the time or energy. I worked almost seventy hours, which exhausted me physically and mentally. Then to top it all of I got sick and it felt like somebody punched me in the ear. Got it looked at, likely just fluid not draining because of all the swelling in my sinuses.


  • Football – The good news is the Patriots lost. The bad news is the Eagles won.
  • Giant Bomb – The site is back in the swing of things with getting regular content posted. The Exquisite Corps is back and it reminds I bought XCOM but still have not finished it. If you don’t follow the series the quick explanation is that three staff from the New York office rotate command  episode to episode. Maybe if I had Vinny Caravella helping me out too I wouldn’t be stuck. Last I played I was getting wrecked at the one alien base and just couldn’t find a way through it. Not sure if I want to try that again or if I should just start the game over. The thought is that I’ve learned a little bit about the game and maybe I could do things differently and be better off when I get back to this particular alien base.
  • Batman – Since I watched Batman and Batman Returns I felt compelled to watch Batman Forever as well as Batman and Robin. Guess what? There just as good as the day they released. They weren’t that good then and they aren’t that good now. Time has tempered my opinion as I can kind of just laugh at how gaudy they are and not get mad about it.
  • Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee – This is an entertaining series from and entertaining person. Yet again he has somehow found away to make a successful show that has no premise or plot. He just meets up with people, drives them in a car, and then has coffee with them. After a few episodes I was thinking “Well, he’ll never have Michael Richards on this show, even after all these years. His meltdown was too much”. No sooner than I completed that though the episode starring Richards came on. I had forgotten that Seinfeld publicly came out in support of his friend. Richards himself seemed legitimately contrite and remorseful about his actions. It was a very special and serious moment in an otherwise funny show. Definitely worth a watch. I plan to continue watching this series.


  • Mass Effect: Andromeda – A couple hours here and there have gotten me near the end of the story. The hope is that I can finish it up this week.
  • The Division – When I’ve been too tired to play Andromeda this game has been the video game equivalent of comfort food. It’s still fun to play for the shorts bursts I play and I know the mechanics so well I can still play even when I’m tired.


  • Athem reportedly pushed to 2019 – This isn’t a big surprised but rather something that keeps the worry level up for this game. EA has pushed out a few duds lately, Andromeda and Battlefront II. Hopefully a delay is a good thing.
  • Xbox Game Pass gets day one access to Microsoft exclusives – This would be a bigger deal if Microsoft had more first party exclusives. Surely they have some in the pike but there are few to be seen at the moment to make this feel like more than a bolt on to the service.
  • PUBG anti-cheat measures – It is good that they are taking measures to stop cheating but there is that little part of me that wants to call bullshit. The step PUBG took to curb cheat was to not allow the file structure to be manipulated. That means that some of the cheats will make the game unplayable after installation. The dark side of my mind puts it together that this measure was taken just after it was let out that people are deleting the files for the newer map, all so they don’t have to play it. Is this really PUBG taking measures to make sure people play both maps? I hope not but there is always that change.
  • Dr. Disrepect racism – The guy takes time off after admitting to infidelity and immediately he starts a controversy by impersonating Asian people to mock them. If that wasn’t enough he tries to prove he’s not racist when called out on it by talking about how he knows many people of many nationalities. The problem is is that doesn’t prove anything. Just because you have friends of different cultural backgrounds doesn’t mean you do or don’t harbor racist feelings. There is an old adage that comes to mind – “Don’t listen to a man, watch him”. The meaning being that it doesn’t matter what a man says because he can control his words but his actions are more true of what his thoughts and feelings are. From what I see I don’t believe Dr. Disrespect but I don’t have to. I’ll continue my stance of not watching or supporting his content.
  • PUBG player count down – Don’t get to excited. It is probably partially caused by the rampant cheating. PUBG is working on and has banned tons of accounts, which is part of the dip in numbers, but there were a lot of people that just stopped playing because of the cheating. There will likely be a rise in numbers again.

Closing Arguments

Last week I wrote about fixing my Macbook. This week I fixed my toilet. After twelve years of use my lid decided it was done. As I have many times before, I put the seat down to sit while I trimmed a toenail and as soon as my weight was on the seat fully it broke. Damn near got a wet ass from it but the cracking and sudden drop scared me enough to jump straight back up. $13 later, I have a new toilet seat.

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