Dude’s Chronicles 1-25-2018: Fixing Some Stuff

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In all honesty, I think the lack of sleep is really getting to me. It took almost an hour to balance my check book and I was constantly typing the wrong numbers in to the calculator. Good thing I’ve got another midnight shift this weekend at work to help me still not get any sleep.


  • Football – Uh, Patriots. I feel bad for the Jaguars and Keenum. Jaguars because it feels like they got Patriot’ed. You know those things that go the way of the Patriots but never go that way for any other team. Keenum had a great year but had his worst game against, an admittedly, good defense. Somehow I have to find a way to root for the Eagles.
  • The Men Who Stare At Goats – I love this movie. Perhaps George Clooney’s best work. It is just great entertainment, for me at least.
  • I haven’t been watching much else because the aforementioned lack of sleep has made it hard to concentrate on anything. The few things I’ve tried watching have been a waste of time just because I couldn’t force myself to follow them properly.


  • Mass Effect: Andromeda – I’ve gotten a little further but not much. Hitting more side and loyalty missions than main story ones.
  • The Division – There is currently a Global Event where they have special modifiers and reward different gear. I’ve not played much, maybe two to three hours. The loot I’ve gotten has been fine. Little disappointed that I got three sets of the same kneepads. Wish they would spread it out so that you don’t get duplicates so easy.
  • Monster Hunter: World Beta – Having only played the first two quests all I can say is that it seems like a fine and well built game but it did not capture my interests. One of the things that turned me off was the fact that all the quests were timed. I understand that this is part of the game design but I didn’t like feeling rushed.
  • Metal Gear Survive Beta – It is a weird remix of Metal Gear assets, zombies, and survival games. It didn’t feel bad to play but it didn’t feel well explained, even for a beta. There was nearly no explanation that I could find for how menus or systems worked much less what you are supposed to be doing in the game.


  • Athem reportedly pushed to 2019 – This isn’t a big surprised but rather something that keeps the worry level up for this game. EA has pushed out a few duds lately, Andromeda and Battlefront II. Hopefully a delay is a good thing.
  • Xbox Game Pass gets day one access to Microsoft exclusives – This would be a bigger deal if Microsoft had more first party exclusives. Surely they have some in the pike but there are few to be seen at the moment to make this feel like more than a bolt on to the service.

Closing Arguments

Late last week I went to watch a video on my Macbook. I was startled by the buzzing that started coming from the left side. Turns out the speaker had somehow blown out. With that I looked at new Macbook prices and quickly stopped looking. Even though it is four years old, the cost of a replacement isn’t much of an upgrade. After some research I found the part number for a speaker kit and decided to take matters into my own hands. The kit cost about $70 and I already had to tools to open up the Macbook(about another $10). In less than twenty minutes I had the new speaker installed and working. Far better to have done the job myself rather than investing upwards of $1,300. Feels good to do something yourself and save a chunk of money doing it.

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