Dude’s Chronicles 1-18-2018: Keep It Moving

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As the new year trudges along, I do as well. I don’t know about where you are but it is cold and snowy here. There is some relief in the form of warmer weather with rain but I don’t suspect it will last long.


  • Batman – The 1989 edition will always have a special place to me and when I saw it on Netflix I had to watch. No idea when they put it on but glad they did. Being old enough to have seen this in the movie theatre brings back memories like how this movie came out of virtually nowhere and was a huge phenomenon. To this day it is still the best live action Batman movie in my opinion. It was more stylish, dark but cartoony than the newer movies and I like that better.
  • Batman Returns – Well of course I had to watch this after watching Batman. I remember when everybody lost their minds when it was announced that there would be two villains in this movie. Nowadays that doesn’t seem like a big thing but back then it was unheard of. The protagonist/antagonist was always a 1-to-1 ratio but this movie proved it didn’t have to be.
  • My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman – Good to see Mr. Letterman back in the hosting seat. Always enjoyed his interviews just wish there was more than one episode.


  • Mass Effect: Andromeda – I haven’t played much and this is what I’ve spent the little play time I’ve had. Having gotten to Elaaden I’m likely sticking with it to completion. This is kind of filling the lull in games right now and the lull looks like it will last a while, at least for me.


  • Fortnite update – Tons of bug fixes and tweaks but the big news is the additional landmarks being put on the map. From what I gather, its not a new map but it does give people new things to check out. Good to see more and more support for this game
  • Fortnite is apparently killing other games – Based on what has been written in some EPIC forums, the game’s popularity is pulling players and resources from other games like Paragon. How much the player base has been affected is unknown but if EPIC truly has straight up diverted resources from other games it says a lot of what they think the prospects of those games are versus what they think about Fortnite’s.
  • New Overwatch map coming – I wish this news meant more to me because I truly loved that game when I was playing it but I haven’t had any urge to play it in months and this news unfortunately does nothing to change that. Good on Blizzard keeping the game going and supporting their new league even if my interest continues to wane.
  • Nintendo Labo – I am baffled, stunned, and intrigued by this. Instead of virtual reality or augmented reality Nintendo went with real reality? Granted the one robot suit type offering looks kind of like virtual reality, the rest look they they are making the Switch interact with real objects rather than having the player interact with virtual objects. This will either prove to be brilliant or end up as badly as uDraw, well maybe not that bad.

Closing Arguments

Work beckons me this weekend in the mid-hours of the morning so my sleep schedule is f’d to say the least along with my time for recreation. There are two betas this weekend I am hoping to get some time into – Monster Hunter: World and Metal Gear Survive. Having never played a Monster Hunter game I have a genuine curiosity about the game and was kind of pissed when I missed that previous beta. The game looks gorgeous but I don’t know if the gameplay will be something I get into but I want to try it out. As far as Metal Gear Survive… I just have to see what Konami is doing to this franchise. Having loved MGSV:GZ and MGSV:TP I want to see how they adapted the gameplay into a survival game. Plus, I just have to know how much crazier they can make Metal Gear.

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