Dude’s Chronicles 1-11-2018: That New Year Smell

smell good so people like you

Image via jakeisfantastic.com

I don’t know… so far this year is pretty much like last year. There is plenty of time to turn it around, I’m sure of it.


  • Football – So… The Patriots again? Please prove me wrong, somebody, anybody.
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4 – I had been watching this when it originally aired but fell off when it took a mid-season break. Netflix added this season at some point and I finally took the time to finish the season. After enjoying the Aida storyline I felt really let down with how they ended it. It was so abrupt and anti-climatic it somewhat negated the entire season for me.


  • The Division – Like I said, every time I quit this game I come back.
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda – The more I play this game the sadder I get. I realize how monotonous and repetitive the gameplay and quests are. It’s getting hard to stick with it at this point.
  • PUBG – Haven’t been playing too much. My best finish has been 11th of late. I would have made the to 10 had I been paying attention and not let another player completely get the drop on me or not been dumb enough to go after a drop box that a sniper was staking out. Live and learn.


  • PUBG has 3 million players on Xbox One – This means 2,999,999 people other than myself paid $30 to be a beta tester. No regrets, even with all the problems it is a rather fun game.
  • $90 million, Twitch paid for exclusive broadcasts rights of Overwatch League – Don’t get me wrong, I like Overwatch. What I don’t understand is why these rights would be worth so much. The game isn’t that big on the broadcast scene, regularly drawing less viewers that many other games. Even the implementation of this league has been somewhat of a mess with a team/city bailing out. Unless I missed something I just don’t understand why Twitch would do this other than to spend some of that sweet, sweet Amazon money.
  • Wireless Vive announced at CES – Other breaking news, I’m still not buying VR. Until there are more games and less ‘experiences’ I’m steering clear. Remember 3D tv’s?
  • Star Citizen raises over $34 million in 2017 – Gee, I wish I had something that never produced tangible results but people continuously through money at. Oh wait, I have a day job that they keep paying me for that is just an endless series of tasks. Same thing, pretty much. Not the same payout though.

Closing Arguments

I tell myself, and everybody around me, it’s going to get better. Mind you I never say when.


Paul Novak

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A self described Polish ninja toiling away as an IT professional but more into gaming and writing. Physically existing on the western side of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania yet existentially flowing with the ether of the Internet.


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