Dude’s Chronicles 1-4-2018: In The New Year

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Happy New Year and all that. Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and is surviving life getting back to normal.


  • Football – There weren’t many surprises but I spent a ton of time watching.
  • Giant Bomb – Since they released all of their holiday and game of the year content most of my hours have been consumed listening and watching them. Great entertainment.


  • The Division – Well, every time I say I’m done with this game I keep coming back to it. Given all the trash drops I’m getting for loot and just general lack of interest, I’m done with this game. Like all the other times I say this I
    ‘ll probably be back at some point.
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda – After signing up for EA Access this was the first game I downloaded, not sure what that says about me. I’m not too far into it, just got to the first planet, but I’m feeling this game again. There are still all the flaws with the story and delivery but I find myself enjoying it. Just makes me sad know there will be no DLC and no new game is on the radar.
  • PUBG – Sometimes I do good, other times not so good. This game gets me so wound up I can only play one game and then I need a break. Depending on how it went depends on how long that break needs to be determines how long my break needs to be. Generally the higher I finish, the longer my break is.


  • PUBG 3 million concurrent players – That is huge for any game and speaks loads for how many people are enjoying the game.
  • PUBG on other platforms – The CEO hinted at they went to Xbox first because Sony is ‘very strict’ about quality? I’d love for him to explain this better but I’m pretty sure there was a big fat check from Xbox that influenced the decision as well.
  • Lawbreakers get written off – When a company writes of an asset that pretty much says it feels it isn’t worth keeping. I never played this game because it didn’t look interesting to me. It looked vanilla and had no hook. I think the game itself is more the reason for its poor performance rather than the success of PUBG as been implied.
  • Paladins Battlegrounds – We all new this was coming, another PUBG clone. To straight up put Battlegrounds in the name is a ‘bold’ choice.

Closing Arguments

So… this year may be a little slow on the blog front. I’ve come to accept that outside of these posts I don’t have much to publish. I’ll still do a review here and there but that was never what I really enjoyed doing, not that I hate or anything just rather do other things. What I always enjoyed more was the more collaborative work but it seems hard to connect with people to do it. Outside the constraints of time and distance, I’d love to do more and I’m open to opportunities. With that said I’ll keep poking around here and looking for things to do but I’m not going to force myself to post content. If there is something I want to put up here I will but outside of this series I’m not planning any regular content.

Let’s all put 2017 behind and make 2018 a great year all around. Be positive and supportive.

Paul Novak

Owner, Proprietor, Typer of Words, Gamer, Jester

A self described Polish ninja toiling away as an IT professional but more into gaming and writing. Physically existing on the western side of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania yet existentially flowing with the ether of the Internet.


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