Dude’s Chronicles 12-14-2017: That One Before Christmas

Since I didn’t post last week I’ll try to make up for it a bit by going a little long here. *** SPOILERS – I many not post next week either. Stop crying, there’s no crying in blogging.***


  • It’s a Wonderful Life – I watch this every year not because it is a tradition, even though it is, rather because I enjoy it.
  • A Very Murray Christmas – Yes, I watched it again, and again.
  • Clerks II – When waking up at 3am and not being able to get back to sleep, what else would you do? Turns out to be a bad idea because I got so into the movie I could fall asleep for another two hours after it concluded. There is just as much wackiness in this movie as the original but a little bit more heart. I may watch it again.
  • Transformers 4: The Age of Extinction – About ten minutes into it I remembered how bad it was… but I couldn’t stop watching. It was like Micheal Bay was directing the best train wreck I had ever seen.


  • I don’t watch much live television. Truthfully I only watch live television for college and professional football. In that given time I have gotten disgusted with the amount of Star Wars tie-ins on advertisements. Star Wars was special because it was a unique thing that we didn’t get much of. It used to be years between movies, now we get one almost every year. On top of that the name is being whored out to promote whatever product will hand over money for the privilege. This is like that cousin from out of town that only visited during the summer. When they were there you were best friends but now the cousin moved to the neighborhood and you see them all the time only to find out you really don’t want to see each other and you drift apart.  The new movie is still a huge draw for me but I just feel sick every time I see the Star Wars title attached to something clearly not Star Wars. Maybe I’m over-reacting but its just how I feel about it.


  • The Division – With the much anticipated 1.8 update releasing I hopped back in with excitement. For me, it was like jumping into a bucket of cold water. There wasn’t much there and what was there just didn’t feel good. After exploring some of the map area and collecting several of the recordings I got sad when I re-realized that some of the best writing in this game isn’t really in-game. The recordings tell the tales of woe that should have been in the game’s story to make it something people would attach to. The records and other intel take the player out of the game somewhat and feel like a sidecar to what they are doing. The most fun I had with the game was one of the Resistance games I played, the new horde-like mode. What made that fun was the fact that I got grouped up with a bunch of guys that invited me to a Xbox party and against my better intuition I joined. Much to my pleasant surprise these guys were a blast. We made it maybe fourteen waves if that but we all had a good time working together and poking fun at each other. This brought me to another re-realization, The Division is better if you have a set group you play with. Random match-making is no match for having a regular group. There may be others that are happier with this expansion but it just didn’t do much for me. I’ll likely keep popping in now and then but I just can’t see myself playing in any regular fashion any time soon.
  • Fornite: Battle Royale – Having only played one game of the 50v50 mode before they shut it and anything other than 1v100 down temporarily due to issues I couldn’t say too much but I did enjoy it. That weird mob mentality mixed with things happening on parts of the map you can’t see made a whirlwind of action and confusion as you saw your team’s and the opponents’ numbers dwindle. I managed to win the game I was in even though I contributed nothing. In fact the only thing I did was drawing fire and got downed. This lead to the first time I ever got picked back up by a teammate. I had only played solo and had never had a teammate in this game. It was a strangely wonderful experience to be brought back into the game after being nearly removed. Even though I didn’t do much to help earn it, I loved seeing that Victory Royale screen. After the mode was reinstated I played a few more games and want to go back for more.


  • Battlefront II DLC – Resurrection? Really? Is this a tongue-in-cheek joke about how they killed their own game?
  • PUBG Crotchgate – I feel like people are offended that they put cameltoe in the game while others are offended that they took it out. Then again, I’m not sure why it is an issue at all.
  • PUBG Xbox One issues – Wait… the game has jank? Imagine that. It was sooooo smooth when it initially released on PC. Seriously, it had and still has issues on PC. There should have been no expectation that it would be smooth especially since it is being sold as a ‘Game Preview Edition’. Just like the PC edition, they’ll keep working on it and it will get better… hopefully.
  • Over 10 million Nintendo Switches sold – That is a solid number that is likely to continue to grow. I’ll lay a guess that this holiday season will help the number even further. What will really help that number is Nintendo continuing to push games on to the platform thus giving more and more people a reason to buy it.

Story Time

  • I was at a Mexican restaurant that I consider pretty legit. Given that there are authentic Mexicans working there and their closest competitions in town are Chipolte and Taco Bell, this place is legit. Anyway, I’m into my dinner when the waiter comes by and says “Excuse me sir, can you hand me that ketchup?”. Following where he was pointing, I instinctively grabbed it and handed it to him. Then this sent me into a mental spiral. There is ketchup at a Mexican restaurant? Moreover, what kind of person asks for ketchup at a Mexican restaurant? The defenders of this will point out the kid’s menu and such but think about it… what if somebody ordered a Mexican dish and asked for ketchup? Think about that, and people wonder why I can’t sleep at night.

Closing Arguments

Embarrassingly enough, I bought PUBG on Xbox One via Amazon and have yet to play it. It is kind of funny that they send you a ‘physical copy’ that is just a slip of paper with a code printed on it in a cardboard box.  It is not even a plastic disc case, just a cardboard box with the same dimensions.  Since the box is junk they give you some sweet stickers for PUBG. Can’t wait until I find some place to actually use them.

Work is gearing up to drown me over the next few weeks. Night shifts and extra hours plus on-call for Christmas. You’re jealous, I know. With all that I’ll be sort of busy and may not have time to do anything here. I’ll get back to it as soon as I can but if I don’t see you here soon….

Merry Christmas…..

And Happy New Year!!!!!

Paul Novak

Owner, Proprietor, Typer of Words, Gamer, Jester

A self described Polish ninja toiling away as an IT professional but more into gaming and writing. Physically existing on the western side of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania yet existentially flowing with the ether of the Internet.


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