Dude’s Chronicles 11-30-2017: Come On Christmas

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Thanksgiving is over and I’m done Christmas shopping. Time for the holiday to get here, right?


  • Trailer Park Boys: Out of the Park: USA – It was funny but just didn’t have the small world charm.
  • A Very Murray Christmas – This has become a Christmas staple for me. I’m not saying it is very good. As much as I enjoy it, I will admit it took me until about the third viewing until I got to that point. It still gives me some chuckles and it does have some heart to it.


  • Titanfall 2 – Jumped back into some Frontier Defense for a change of pace. I really enjoy this game but it wreaks havoc with me when my Xbox One won’t play the disc because it has an HDCP problem with my monitor for some reason. The PS4 thinks nothing off it. For some reason if I hook the Xbox One to my tv then to my monitor it is fine but heaven forbid I just want to leave things hooked up the same way every time I use them. I must be some kind of madman to expect that. It wouldn’t be so bad if other disc games I owned worked, like The Division, without issue.
  • The Division – I pop this game in every now and then when I want to feel sad. This game has some great things but it just tripped over itself and never recovered. Almost two years into the game’s life they are still supporting it but every time I log in I see a dwindling player base and no new reason to play it. Sad.
  • Far Cry 4 – I needed to play something fresh, to me at least. Having only played the trick ending, I started to actually play the game. Upon reaching the end of the prologue I stopped. Not that I don’t want to play more, just not right now. Perhaps in the coming week.


  • Battlefront II Robot Players – People making rigs/robots to autoplay for them? It’s not a new idea but given all Battlefront II is going through this is just another kick in the shin. On some level I don’t blame these people. Why? I was trying to complete all of the arcade modes, the player versus AI games. After awhile I got a message at the end of the game stating ‘more credits available in 13hrs’. I didn’t think much of it at first as I had been playing some PVP earlier and just thought that there was a daily limit on credits. That seemed like a crappy thing to do but eh whatever, I was done for the day anyway. The next day is what got to me. I had two more modes on the easy level to do, without having played any games prior to those, after playing one level of the intermediate mode I got a message of ‘more credits available in 9hrs’. I was floored. This was yet another governor to earning rewards in this game.
  • Destiny 2 XP nerf – I wish I was surprised by this. I thought maybe, just maybe it was me when I thought I wasn’t getting much XP when doing solo events. Now I see that it wasn’t the conspiracy trait that I have feeding this. Don’t applaud Bungie for fixing it, scold them for having it in the first place. If you want people to play your game then reward them equally for however they want to play it, not for how you want them to play it.
  • PUBG mobile game – I don’t know what to say. I’ll just quote the quote from VG247.com – “More importantly, it describes the game as “Eating Chicken” game “Jedi Survival.”” Yeah, brilliant.

Closing Arguments

As we hit December and the end of the year it becomes a time to reflect and a time for family. Think of all they’ve done for you and you for them. Or… is it think of all they’ve done to you and all you’ve done to them? Um, maybe just don’t think about it.

Paul Novak

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A self described Polish ninja toiling away as an IT professional but more into gaming and writing. Physically existing on the western side of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania yet existentially flowing with the ether of the Internet.


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