Dude’s Chronicles 11-23-2017: Undercharged Turkey

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It’s turkey day, also known as Thanksgiving. Hope you all enjoy it.


  • The Punisher – I’m only about half way through the season but it is really good.


  • Horizon: Zero Dawn – The Frozen Wilds – The main story is finished but there is still some side stuff that I want to do. Even after the main content is done I still enjoy playing this game.
  • Battlefront II – It’s bad. Even if you look at the game ignoring the loot box situation it is bad. This is a topic in and of itself.


  • Battlefront II – This clusterf*^% just amazes me. How it went through multiple levels of development and management at multiple companies blows my mind. Even more amazing is that it isn’t even over yet. EA only temporarily disabled the microtransactions so that means they still plan to reinstitute them. Lucasfilm coming out with a statement backing their removal seems like a joke because they most likely had a hand in approving them to begin with. I couldn’t even imagine that EA would have a bigger disaster than Mass Effect: Andromeda much less in the same year.
  • Loot boxes are gambling – At least that is what Australia and Belgium are saying. Hawaii is also evaluating the situation.  I don’t know that they are gambling but I can see the argument for it. It never bothered me if someone wanted to pay for these as long as they only rewarded cosmetics items or other things that didn’t break games. This situation is not over and could have a long lasting affect on games and how they are monetized. Yet again, another long topic.
  • Marvel Heroes shutdown – Brought this up last week but the game was supposed to live until the end of the year but it may not even last that long. Gazillion has laid off all employees and basically shutdown. Feel bad for those people affected, hurts even more during the holiday. I hope they all fair well.

Closing Arguments

With only one dinner to attend this year my schedule is weirdly light. I’m used to a crammed full day of … well… cramming myself full. Not sure how to handle this but I’ll do my best.

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