Dude’s Chronicles 11-9-2017: Winter Is Coming

Image via winteriscoming.net

Having lived in Pennsylvania my entire life I have but one thought when people start complaining about snow… “what the $#@% do you expect!”.


  • Football – Penn State and Ohio State lost. The Big 10 is a big mess.
  • Extra Life – Great cause and some great content. I have followed the Giant Bomb casts for the last few years but this time I actually donated. Took me long enough and maybe that ‘trying to be a better person’ thing finally kicked in. Alex Navarro did another amazing job playing Rock Band for 16 hours, which completely boggles my mind and I hope he is ok. Dave Lang’s 24 hour stream is always a favorite of mine and he delivered yet again. As much as I love football I probably watched him more on Sunday than I did professional football. Extra Life isn’t done and neither is Giant Bomb’s support of it. I’ll likely tune in as the cast and community continue their efforts. If you don’t want to donate under the Giant Bomb banner then donate under another banner but donate nonetheless. It’s for the kids.


  • Warframe – I got the resource I was hunting for last week but now I am stuck on a puzzle. The solution to the puzzle isn’t the problem it is the interface preventing me from solving it in time that I am struggling with. The puzzle needs to have tiles aligned to complete a pattern for a circuit and layout is fine for the PC version but trying to do it on a controller is a hellish task that I just don’t have the coordination for. Really kind of sad that this is the kind of thing that will make me stop playing the game.
  • XCOM – Ughhhhh, I’m stuck on this game too. I got to the mission where you assault and alien ship and I just keep getting destroyed. I’ve looked it up and apparently this is not an easy mission but it is not impossible. Taking a step back is my approach at this time and after a few days absence I will try it again.


  • New NieR? – Likely any new game isn’t near…(get it?) but any news that it might becoming is promising. NieR Automata was a game that wasn’t even on my radar until Giant Bomb’s Alex Navarro raved about and several acquaintances did the same. Still I waited it out until I could get it for about $35 and it was worth every penny. Makes me think about another play through.
  • Housemarque arcade no more – The studio has announced they will shift away from arcade games. I loved Dead Nation, Resogun is classic, Alienation was interesting but flawed, Nex Machina was good, but I caved on Matterfall. They may have been doing these games well but eventually a studio may just need to move forward from what they are best at. See Bungie getting out of Halo to do Destiny, ok… maybe not the best example but there are mixed results there.
  • PlayStation Trophies have a payback  – The rates on these are somewhat hilarious but its a nice kind of “well, if you’re doing this anyway here is an extra bonus”.
  • PUBG claims 20 million sold – Math lesson… 20million X $30 = $600 million. This is all before it ever hits a console or a final release on PC.
  • Warcraft Classic – The fact that Blizzard shutdown vanilla server and then did this may seem unscrupulous but business is business. Blizzard likely knows and recognizes that some player prefer the older Warcraft experience. This solutions meets them on two folds: 1. Blizzard can control and charge for it: 2. They legally protect their intellectual property.
  • New Overwatch hero – Makes me realize how far I fell off of this game. This character looks interesting but I don’t know that I will tune in for it. Ah, I probably will but maybe not for long.

Closing Arguments

For some reason I still have not stared The Frozen Wilds DLC of Horizon Zero Dawn. My justification is that I want to play it when I have time to devote a few solid hours to it and I just haven’t had that this week.

As the year draws to an end with the holiday season creeping in, I start the mental process of Game of the Year. This is something that varies greatly between many of us and is a fiery topic of discussion at times. My list isn’t very long and it seems like the distance between the haves and have nots is significant. Either I really like a game or I thought it was garbage.

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