Dude’s Chronicles 10-19-2017: Status Woe

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People think I’m a pessimist, I disagree. Decidedly though, I am not an optimist. I look around and see things as I see them. Never would I say I always see them correctly but I won’t say I am always wrong either.  Being a realist is what I try to be and to keep things in check. With the way things are in the world and in life that seems hard to do, I keep trying.


  • Football – Penn State was off. This week they face Michigan, go Penn State.
  • Zoolander 2 – Some sequels just don’t need to happen, this was one of them.


  • Destiny 2 – Destiny free for over a week. See the News section.
  • Forza Motorsport 5 – I found that I had to stop playing this game completely. My driving in real life was becoming too aggressive. There were points when I was scaring myself, not that I really did anything bad but I had thoughts that ‘I could just pass on the inside of this corner, on the shoulder, maybe bump the car, drift to the outside of the next car…..’ Best just to leave this game behind before I did something stupid, still a fun game and I’ll probably go back to it.
  • South Park: The Fractured But Whole – I pre-ordered this game and picked it up on release day. It is installed but I haven’t played any of it yet. This upsets me since I was looking forward to this game but it is also making me savor the time that I will be able to play it. Sweet.


  • EA shutters Visceral – This is bad on several levels. First off, sadness for those out of jobs. Iron Galaxy has already offered openings in their Chicago and Orlando offices for these people to apply to, props to them and hopefully they can help out and other studios as well. Then there is the status of Dead Space. It’s been a while since Dead Space 3 and likely even longer, if ever, before we see Dead Space 4. Not being a fan of horror/scare games initially steered me away from these games but I enjoyed the entirety of the first two games and what I played of the third(…thinks about pulling out the PS3 to finish Dead Space 3…). The fact that EA wants to “re-evaluate the single player-focused Star Wars game” that Visceral was developing disturbs me. Speaking for myself, I want a single-player focused game. My interests are not in multi-player and the fact that EA pulled this game from Visceral for “re-tooling” or whatever they want to call it saddens me. Are they, and perhaps other publishers, only looking to develop games that have single-player, multi-player, and/or transaction-based purchases as to maximize profitability??? This may be why gamers have been so apt to support indies and this type of pursuit will continue the decline of games in the triple-A title realm. (Who else liked the Force Unleashed games? Asking for a friend.)
  • Destiny 2 prestige raid – It took all of 66 minutes for the ‘higher-level’ raid to be beaten.  Not that I think it should take 10+ hours to beat such a challenge, it seems to undermine the game’s design that its end-game content was  conquered so quickly.
  • Destiny 2 emote glitch – With a silly emote based on a Monty Python  sketch, people were able to find multiple exploits. I saw the like in the  original Destiny with sparrow glitches and it dismays me, but makes me laugh – uncomfortably, that it is still a thing.
  • PUBG no more live patches – Bluehole says there will be no more live patches until after the official 1.0 PC release of the game. This is still slated to happen before the end of the 2017 calendar year.  Personally, I think this will still happen and it will coincide with the Xbox One Early Access release of the game, but… I’ve been wrong before, after all I thought the iPad was going to be a flop.
  • IGN buys Humble Bundle – OK… I guess????? Having never bought anything via Humble Bundle I’m not familiar with them but I don’t see why IGN would invest in them. The fear is that at some point they will tie the Humble deals to the  IGN subscription service, I can only hope that I am wrong and that all the deals along with charity contributions will remain open to the general public.
  • Halo updates – Frankly, I love the Halo franchise. The fact that these games will be updated to coincide with the Xbox One X release doesn’t do much to get me excited. After what 343 Industries has done with the last two games, I just don’t have the interest in the franchise that I used to and that makes me sad. The wreck that was/is the Master Chief Collection still gets to me. I want the game to live on and see new games in the series but I just don’t see 343 as the proper caterer of it, yet I also recognize that they are the only caterer of it. Again, I want to be wrong or on the outside on this one so that the franchise will be good and successful despite what I think of what is happening with it.

Closing Arguments

Last week I spoke of changes, I’m still mulling these over. It’s been busy for me on several fronts and this blog has suffered for it. There is the desire to do better and I’m trying to determine how to do so. Do I commit to doing more here? Or do I commit to somewhere else? Things I did in the past where I did production stuff, video and audio, were satisfying to me in addition to contributing content. Not being the ‘main man’ is appealing to me and I like being part of a team that others contribute too. There is that desire to collaborate and converse on topics that still appeals to me. Maybe I need to find that area where I support others and work in a team. If anybody is looking for a dude please let me know. Otherwise, I just keep meandering as I am.

In the immediate, I’m going to try to play as much of South Park: The Fractured But Whole as possible this weekend but there is also so much football I want to watch.

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