Dude’s Chronicles 9-21-2017: The One Where I Messed Up

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It is a low goal to hit two posts a week and even with that I managed to f-it-up. Tuesday I was all set to post a review of Batman: The Telltale Series only to find that I had overwritten it and this was the only text in the post:

A familiar but refreshing take on a Batman story.

I had far more than that in the review. The blame is all mine and I know exactly what I did. There is no blaming WordPress, only my own stupidity. Before you ask, I overwrote it enough times that all of the previous revisions are no better. This is one of those moments when I hang my head in shame of myself.

Just in case I never re-write my review, I really liked Batman: The Telltale Series. I liked it enough that I want to play the sequel but I want to wait until all of the episodes are out.


  • Football – There were a lot of games this weekend that had me scratching my head. Jacksonville owns London, they really ought to move there.
  • GiantBomb – Congratulations on the chicken dinner you winner winners.  I actually stood up, clapping and cheering when it happened. If my neighbors didn’t already think I’m crazy, they have one more reason.
  • The Tick – After accidentally signing up for a trial of Amazon Prime I decided to make the most of it by watching The Tick. I started out with the new version that Amazon did and it was good. It had that campy/cartoony/stupid feel that I wanted. The only thing that disappointed me was how short it was. I was just getting really into it and then there were no more episode. However, I do see that they have the Patrick Warburton version as well. That will be a definite watch.


  • Destiny 2 – Pretty sure I’ve had my fill of this game. After not playing it over the weekend I jumped back into see what the Faction Rallies was about. All I found was one more reason they added to grind. This is not what I want and I feel very disappointed. It is likely that I will keep hopping in and out f the game but I don’t feel the draw or dedication I did when playing the original. Frankly, I’m not even sure I’ll care or mind when any DLC comes out. That will be a judgement call at that time.
  • Warframe – My curiosity about this game re-peaked after SkillUp did a video on it. I had played it when the PS4 first launched since it was free and there were so few games.  The last time I played it was probably around a year ago and it was a completely different game. Going back to it now feels both familiar and foreign.  For whatever reason, I played it on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The PS4 and PC versions are relatively close but there is a noticeable difference in the Xbox One version. It is not bad but the visual fidelity is not the same. I’ve been keeping myself mostly to the PC version so that I can get some use out of my PC for once and to try to get better with using a keyboard and mouse for gaming. I got out of it for years and… wow… am I uncoordinated.


  • Volition Layoffs – Anytime anybody loses their job I feel bad. Hearts out to those people and I hope they land on their feet. 30 out of 200 people is a significant cut. Perhaps Agents of Mayhem wasn’t the best idea.
  • Battlegrounds vs. Fortnite – This seems like one of those arguments that neither side is right about. I can see where Battlegrounds is upset about Fortnite ripping off the ascetics of their game, particularly the map. However, I don’t think they can lay much claim to the “battle royale” style combat that they stole from a movie. How they “accused” EPIC of impeding on them and I’m not sure I agree with that. How many third person shooters benefited from EPIC developing Gears of War? What better way to know how to optimize/upgrade a game engine than making a game in it? Could EPIC maybe not made Fortnite’s battle royale mode?  Sure, but how many other games are going or already trying to copy this? Then then there is the idea that Fortnite did straight up copy Battlegrounds in several ways.
  • MGSV free for PS+ in October? – This may put me back in a tailspin of gaming. I put 70+ hours into this game and didn’t get to what is the “true” ending. Still owning the disc version hasn’t got me back to it but that fact that I can download it and it will be right there…. I used to hate stealth games but I loved this game because, with exception, it gave you allowances to approach a situation any way you chose. There is so much of this  I applied to Horizon Zero Dawn. After looking at the situation I would decide to be stealthy or just outright murderous. Both felt very rewarding and made me think back to MGSV.
  • Atari console – Not sure what to think of this. Looks like a Steam Machine and likely to meet the same fate.
  • LawBreakers free to play weekend – When your game hits double digit player counts… yikes. After watching trailers and game play of this I just don’t have an interest. I never root for a game to fail but I don’t see a path that makes this game succeed. It is as though it was rushed to market and will have a hard road to recovery, if it ever does.

Closing Arguments

If you don’t hear from me next week please don’t worry. I’ll be taking a trip to see friends. If I can post I will but it will be from the road and from my phone.

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