Dude’s Chronicles 8-31-2017: Even More Disguisting

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Last week I was grossed out by having to call Comcast(more on that later). Today I heard an add on the radio for MacDonalds Delivery. This may not be a new thing but this is the first I heard of it being real. Apparently you can order via the Uber Eats app or the MacDonalds website. It drums my imagination how the already revolting food they serve will suffer as it is driven around for an unknown time before reaching its destination. Sure you can think of it like getting drive through and taking it home but there is the chance your meal gets made and just sits there waiting for the next delivery run. Then it may stew longer while said delivery run goes to other destinations before yours. It makes me want to vomit in my mouth just a bit.


  • Game of Thrones – The season had a strong start but overall I think it kind of failed. Not that it wasn’t any good but since it was so short everything got condensed and hurried. This removed the chance for exposition and that was always one of the best parts of the show. Still looking forward to next season but I sincerely hope that they use the longer episode to flush out storylines better.
  • Rogue One – Yet again, I fell asleep trying to watch it.
  • Football – Even bad college football is good football to watch.


  • The Division – With Destiny 2 launching next week I am likely done with this game. Unless Destiny 2 is a total flop.
  • Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – Its finished and my review is 99% written.
  • Batman: The Telltale Series – This is the original, not The Enemy Within. I am really liking the game so far. Since I’ve made it through episode three it has hooked me and I plan to finish it. After I’m done with it I’ll decide if I want to play The Enemy Within.
  • Destiny 2 PC beta – After playing the previous beta on both Xbox One and PS4 this version feels completely different. It is not the graphical upgrade that is so striking though, it is more so the adjustments they made to cool-downs and weapon damage. Still isn’t convincing me to buy it on PC since I already pre-ordered it on PS4.


  • Microsoft promises new UI with Xbox One X launch – Really??? What’s wrong with the old one?…
  • The Division getting free content – It’s sad that I don’t really care about this. I’ll likely try out the new modes when they arrive but I doubt I’ll be very interested.
  • Cheaper VR – PSVR and Oculus Rift are both getting price cuts. This may be indicative of VR on taking off the way industry experts were hoping. A price cut is one way to help but in my opinion it would be more helpful if there were better content for the platform.
  • Lawbreakers poor performance – Less than 500 players on Steam? Yikes!
  • Overwatch patch 1.14 – Man, I feel like I should care about this one more as well. With the add of Doomfist I wasn’t drawn back. The balances and changes in this patch are interesting but not enough to draw me back. I’ll jump in to a game from time to time however I just don’t feel as attached to the game like I used be even though I still enjoy it every time I play it.

Closing Arguments

So… when I called Comcast I could tell I was talking to a trainee. The constant pauses, overt use of the word ‘um’, and the general sense that the guy didn’t quite know what he was doing gave it away. It was an easy enough call for him since I was adding service, not removing or arguing a bill. Even with that I knew in my heart something would get screwed up and sure enough I was right. With that feeling I took to check that I still had HBO hours before the finale. Good thing I did because despite what I was told I did not. Through the online chat I engaged a Comcast representative and kind of got the docile admission that things weren’t conveyed properly. Rather than either side arguing I eventually just told the person “look, I only care to have HBO till the end of the month”, to which there was a noticeable pause and then the message “ok, I will add HBO back to your account. Is this what you want?”. My only reply was “yes, thank you”. I applaud this person for not drawing out the conversation even with the full knowledge that I would be canceling HBO with in the next few days – which I did. It was a nice change of pace to not have the representative try to up sell me or convince me that I screwed up. Now I can enjoy football.

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3 thoughts on “Dude’s Chronicles 8-31-2017: Even More Disguisting

  1. McDonald’s screws up my order half the time, so what do they do if they deliver a bad one? At least when I buy it myself I can check it before I leave. I guess that’s when you just order things that can’t really be customized, like nuggets and fries. Either way, soggy McDonalds is bad McDonalds — which says a lot, when their food is already pretty gross.

    • The menu looked like it was setup for people to buy pre-packaged meals like the Value Meals. This is likely a step against screwing up the orders by making them consistent as possible. Either way, one the most disguisting prospects I’ve come across in a while.

      • Ah, kind of like when certain McDonald’s transitioned into becoming a 24-hour location they had a “limited menu” with only 10 items to choose from. It limited the amount of stuff people could order -and- set the bar low for the people they hired to remember anything substantial.

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