Dude’s Chronicles 8-24-2017: I Don’t Want to Call

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I haven’t watched a single down of football yet. The idea of calling Comcast about adding tv service back to my plan makes me nauseous. After trying to do it online for days but having the site tell me it is unavailable and I need to actually call just makes me sicker. It would be acceptable to have to call if their entire system is down but if you go through their site pretending to be a new customer you can go through their order system without issue. This tells me they are trying to up-sell to their current customers in order to wring more money out of them. As much as I love the cable Internet service I get from them, their greed infuriates me.


  • The Defenders – Not bad, not good…mediocre? It just didn’t do much for me and with only eight episodes it felt rushed.
  • The People v. O.J. Simpson – Watched the first few shows and want to finish, just having a problem finding time to do so.
  • Giant Bomb – They make too much content that I enjoy watching, that’s my biggest complaint. This is what is taking most of my time.


  • The Division – I played for a good spell going through most of the game modes. I still suck at Survival but really enjoy the mood of it. I like Last Stand but I get mowed down by other players with better builds. Mostly I like roaming the open world but it doesn’t reap many rewards versus the time it takes.
  • Matterfall – Unfortunately I am not liking this game. Much like Nex Machina, the screen gets very bust and the difficulty doesn’t scale well. There is much interest on my behalf to even keep playing the game much less finish it. Note: I only made it through the first level.
  • Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – Having played the first three chapters and part of the fourth, I am excited to keep playing this. It feels like an Uncharted game but feels like it has its own identity.
  • End of the Vita – Yes, I traded in my Vita. It helped to pay about half of the pre-orders I made(Destiny 2, South Park : The Fractured But Whole, and Battlefront 2 in case you’re curious).


  • No DLC for Andromeda – This was a forgone conclusion but many were holding out hope. The plan to tell some further story via novels and comics is bit of a stab in the back for those of us who only engage with the Mass Effect universe with the games. Guess I’ll never know what happened to that other ark. 😦 If the franchise isn’t dead, then why not save the story for the next game? It is possible the franchise will live on but the Andromeda story will be ignored.
  • Xbox One X pre-orders!!! – Yea, I’m not getting one. Until my original Xbox One dies I’m sticking with it.
  • YouTube – I won’t claim to know the full story much less understand it but the current campaign to demonetize content is causing a lot of heartache. Whatever algorithm is being used is inconsistent and YouTube’s biggest betrayal is its silence on the matter. Not only is this bad for those getting paid, it is also bad for those paying for advertising on YouTube. Once they start seeing their views and exposure going down they’ll likely look to other sources.
  • Call of Duty beta for Comcast customers – This is one of the most bizarre exclusives I’ve seen. If you don’t want to pre-order the game to get into the beta and you are a Comcast customer you can get it. This is just strange for Activision to partner with Comcast in this manner.

Closing Arguments

College football starts next week. F’n’A!!! At some point in time I will breakdown and call Comcast. In the meantime I will also be looking at other options like PlayStation Vue, Sling TV and YouTube TV. If anyone has recommendations I love to hear them.

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