The Defenders – Review

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Is Harlem that big that these people have never run into each other before??? Other than Jessica and Luke hooking up??? Oh wait, the nurse knows at least three of them. Damn, this is a mess.

When The Hand threatens New York City it will take not just one but many heroes to save it. The joining of Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Daredevil and The Iron Fist will be the city’s only chance. The five prongs of The Hand have brought about the ultimate weapon, the Black Sky, to aid them and take down the city. These heroes will reluctantly join together as The Defenders to save the city that they love and live in.

If you’ve watched all of the series involved in this show, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and The Iron Fist, you’ll be up to speed on what is happening. If you have not you will be utterly lost. This is the first flaw in this show. Having watched all of the involved shows, even I had to scratch my head at times and use my recall to ascertain why things are as they are. I can only imagine how lost this show will be with people that have not watched all four series. This paints the show into a corner that limits it enjoyability.

With the joining of four different series, there is also the joining of four different styles. The second flaw this show has is the constant jumping between styles. When Luke Cage is the focus of a scene you get the “Luke Cage” visuals and music, when Daredevil is the focus you get the “Daredevil” visuals and music, etc… This makes The Defenders jump all over the place in terms of style and identity in a bad way. If there were plans to bring all of these show together then there should have been a plan from the beginning to use a common style but that didn’t happen apparently.

Overall I have to say that this show suffers from the same tragic issue that DC has with The Legends of Tomorrow. The fact that if you don’t follow or watch one of the series involved with it you lose the context of the entire series. Not only is this a problem for The Legends of Tomorrow and The Defenders it is just as much a problem for Luke Cage, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, The Iron Fist, The Arrow, The Flash, and The  Supergirl. Don’t get me wrong, I like the cross-overs but I feel that they need to be a standalone event and the shows should be able to stand on their own. If a person should choose to not watch The Defenders then they should still be able to follow Daredevil or Luke Cage but given this scenario I don’t see how that will be possible. Viewers are likely to tune into and watch a show with situations they don’t have all the information for, example being  ***Spoiler*** Luke Cage viewers will have the ‘problem’ of Misty Knight only having one arm and going ‘when the f@#! did she lose an arm?’. ***Spoiler***.

The show was fun to watch and enjoyable despite it’s flaws. I will point out one small but important moment that the director/writers missed. ***Spoiler*** When Danny is talking to Colleen and says they need to ‘protect’ this city, that was the perfect time to have one of the main characters invoke The Defenders ideal by saying “we need to defend this city”. ***Spoiler***  It is the little things like that that could make this show so much better.

The Defenders is only worth the investment if you have watched the amalgamation of show leading into it. The tragic part of this series is that it may break all of the four shows involved within it going forward. As previously stated, there are things that happened that will effect the storylines of the individual shows in a potentially detrimental way.  As much as I enjoyed watching the series, which was too short at only eight episodes, I almost wish they had not even bothered to do it. I will give props to some great appearance and performance from Sigourney Weaver. ***Spoiler*** She didn’t make it through the length of the show but she delivered some fantastic performances to carry it forward, bravo. ***Spoiler***


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