Dude’s Chronicles 8-3-2017: Veni, Vidi, Vita

I packed up my Vita for sale or trade in. If only I could trade it in on a Switch. Honestly, I would probably not play the Switch as much as I don’t play my Vita. I’ve come to admit that it is not a problem of either platform, rather it is a problem with me. Mobile gaming or even small screen gaming is not for me. Sure I can hook the Switch to my tv but I have no affinity for Nintendo games at this point. Wanting them to do well just so that they are the third leg in a race doesn’t make me want to buy their console. Then there is the Vita, so much promise, so little pay off but again I admit that is more on me than the device.


  • Rogue One – I keep falling asleep while watching this movie. What is wrong with me?
  • Giant Bomb – More Murder Island, fantastic.
  • Game of Thrones(sans spoilers) – Lot’s of reveals, lot’s of set up, plenty of surprises. When is the next one?


  • Rise of the Tomb Raider – Finished the main story. I started into some of the side stuff but quickly moved on. It wasn’t that it was enjoyable I just wanted to move on to other games.
  • Titanfall 2 – They reintroduced the Frontier Defense mode that originally debuted in the first game. Its absence when the second game released was confusing but they have finally rectified that problem. There is a lot I have forgotten about playing this game. I couldn’t remember much less use most of the titans. Time to relearn everything and enjoy doing it.
  • The Last of Us: Remastered – I still don’t like this game. I didn’t like it when it first released and what possessed to think I would like it better now I have no idea. I fully recognize that I am in the minority on this opinion but I stand by it. Not sure how long I will stick with this since I have other games to play.
  • The Division – Every time I jump back into the game I play about two games of Last Stand and hit that “I’m good” point then quit.


  • Bioware folds studios – Combing the Montreal studios may be the final unspoken nail in Mass Effect: Andromeda’s coffin since studios don’t typically have multiple projects and the larger studio will probably be focused on Anthem.
  • SNES Classic pre-orders – Wal-Mart “mistakingly” had pre-orders available. I say “mistakingly” because it just doesn’t feel like it was a mistake but maybe that is more me than anything because I don’t much believe in Internet leaks of any kind. They always seem to have been done intentionally and Nintendo sure did conveniently get a bunch of data about what the demand for this console will be.
  • Overwatch Summer Games Returns – I didn’t play the first round of this event since I didn’t by the game until late December. It is always good when a game does something to drum up support. I’ll likely jump into this but even I don’t know how much I will play.

Closing Arguments

I took a long weekend because HR was mad I had too much vacation time accrued. I guess that means there is no reason not to finish The Last of Us, other than I would rather do something else.

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