Dude’s Chronicles 7-27-2017: Weather or Whether???

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It is near the end of July, we have had more days of rain than days over 85 degrees. Global warming can suck it. But seriously, whether you believe in global warming or not this year’s weather has been a bit odd.


  • Rogue One – I keep falling asleep while watching this movie. What is wrong with me?
  • Giant Bomb – Who Framed Murder Island was great. Dan Ryckert telling how his dog was waiting to go poop while he was still playing was hilarious. Poop is funny.
  • Game of Thrones(sans spoilers) – Another great episode. Starting to think that Euron is my second favorite character in a close race with Tyrion for first.


  • Rise of the Tomb Raider – Put a few more hours into this game trying to get it completed. Still enjoying the second play-through. Maybe, just maybe, I can finish it this weekend and get to another game on my hit list. Doubt it just because my plans rarely work out.
  • Destiny 2 beta – I can’t say more than I already have. I’ve been questioning as to which platform I will buy it on if I buy it at all. This beta did nothing to sway me. It looked slightly better and ran immeasurably better on the PS4 and that is where is played over ninety-five percent of my time in the original Destiny. In the end I will lay odds that I buy it on PS4 but I just don’t have any excitement for the game at this point.


  • PUBG Invitational International at gamescon – Maybe people like this game??? I like watching it but I don’t think I will play until it comes to console. The closest thing I have played to this is Survival in The Division but the two seem different in many ways.
  • Legacy server shutdown – Yet another World of Warcraft legacy server shutdown. Amazingly only after five hours from its launch. I understand Blizzard “protecting its property” but this is a mixed message since other such servers have been allowed to run. Maybe I misunderstand the situation but it feels like Blizzard is going against those that don’t pay the monthly subscription. If they know people want to play the older flavors of WoW, why don’t they just offer it themselves? I know the answer is so that the game can move forward but look at the demand and be accepting of it.
  • Anthem corn maze – I’m not even sure this is real or just an Internet video. Either way it doesn’t tell me anything about the game and is just another empty marketing tool. Dang shame for a game that shows promise even though we know nothing about it.
  • Xbox One X pre-orders – The wait to wait is almost over….we think. Phil Spencer gave an open-ended Twitter reply stating that “Our plan is set for this.  All approvals are done so now just landing the announce with all the info, won’t be too much longer.” Non-committal much? I get that they are being very careful and the should seeing how they boggled the Xbox One launch and have been suffering ever since.

Closing Arguments

One more day of work and then the weekend. Really wish I could just skip that day.

Paul Novak

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A self described Polish ninja toiling away as an IT professional but more into gaming and writing. Physically existing on the western side of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania yet existentially flowing with the ether of the Internet.


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