Passing Thoughts – Destiny 2 Beta

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The word that comes to mind is underwhelming.

Be it fair or not, the Destiny 2 beta pales in comparison to the original Destiny beta. Not only in the size of it but also what it showcased to the players. This beta feels like a tiny sliver  with only one story mission(which you can’t replay unless you start a new character), one strike, and two competitive modes. There initially was no social space but late in the beta Bungie opened up the unfinished Farm social area, which I did not bother to explore. Completely absent was any of the open world to explore except for a few of those brave souls that glitched their ways into them.

What was sad about the beta was that it was nothing new. It was the exact content that players have been seeing since the initial gameplay reveal and the game’s time at E3. The only difference with the beta is that the players could play and not just watch. This was nice but there was so little content that one could play through everything in less than two hours. Playing multiple characters garnered nothing more than a chance to play the different classes and subclasses.

Players like myself who are on the fence on whether to buy the game or not probably found little if anything to sway them into purchasing. The content was already known since none of it was new, therefore that was not a motivating factor. The game’s controls were as crisp as Destiny has ever been but that has never been the game’s problem. What I still wonder about is the story the game will tell and how it will do it. This one story mission seems like a marginal improvement with how the story is delivered but it sinks right back into the problem the first game had, never explaining anything…anything.

If this is the best Bungie has to show for the game then I have some big concerns. I will admit that I am a Destiny player ever since its alpha and I’m a little jaded about the experience overall. With that said, there was nothing in the beta that showed me that anything has changed or greatly improved. This was such a hollow experience I would be surprised if it helped convince anyone to buy the game, rather it may cause some to rethink the decision to buy the game or not.


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