Dude’s Chronicles 7-20-2017: Split Week

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I rarely take time off of work but when I do it is to take my mother’s dog to the veterinarian. Just wish I could split the week from five days on with two days off into two days on with five days off. Dare to dream.


  • Arrow: Season 5 – I’ve made multiple attempts to finish this season to no avail. I can’t figure out why but I just don’t care for this season. My stubbornness will get me through eventually….even if it takes months.
  • Rogue One – This showed up on Netflix as a welcomed surprise.  Many throw shade on this movie because it does not fall in the direct line of Star Wars films but I like it because of it. It tells a fantastic back story of a pivotal event in the universe and does it by stepping outside of the formulaic pattern of the other films. I’ll stand on the premise that it is a better movie than The Force Awakens. Come at me.
  • Giant Bomb – Their Murder Island series continues to be gold. I have no interest in playing the game until it comes to consoles but I love watching these folk play it. Then there is Unprofessional Fridays. I almost never watch them live but truly enjoy the archive. The east coast crew just finished Beast in the East and I want to watch all twenty-three episodes of it, that might be my next watch-athon show.


  • Overwatch – I played enough to get the weekly loot boxes then I stopped. It comes as a harsh realization that the loot boxes are such a driving factor to playing the game. Once I got the weekly loot boxes from arcade play I tried playing quick play just for fun but it quickly waned and I quit. Not sure what to think of myself.
  • The Division – Jumping back into the game after an absence was fun to see what had changed. The daily story missions were fine and I played along but something felt wrong in Last Stand. As long as I went up against AI/NPC’s it seemed okay but as soon as I faced an actual player it went bad. The vast majority of times I was smoked within half a clip of an SMG. Is there a meta I don’t understand? Is my build not optimized? I don’t know.
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider – Enjoying every moment of the second replay on a second console. I hope to finish this game and Far Cry 4 before the Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is released. Not sure if I will make it though. At thirty something percent complete it seems unlikely. Far Cry 4 may have to wait since I really don’t want to mix games and my gaming time has become questionable and erratic.


  • Ataribox – Atari has been vague, to say the least, as to what this box will actually do. After the initial hardware reveal it came to light that it will be crowd -sourced, which seems somewhat cagey. Will it be like the Ouya? I don’t know why but I think it would be hilarious if were a Steam Machine.
  • Doomfist – The character will be playable on 7/27. I don’t know that I will care for this character but I am excited to see Blizzard adding to this game to keep it fresh.
  • Casey Hudson Hawk – I wish this were an announcement of a sequel to the “classic” movie but it is not. Former Mass Effect director Casey Hudson will be returning the to the Bioware Edmonton studies as General Manager. It is important not to read too much into this. He likely will not be course correcting/saving Mass Effect.  He may save or resurrect Bioware productions on other games but Mass Effect may have to lay in wait. He’ll have superiors that will determine that. Plus he is now GM and not directing so he won’t have that hands on feel to Mass Effect or any other game. Also keep in mind that a  homecoming is not always a good thing. Time will tell how Hudson’s return is received.
  • Dr Disrespect banned – Top PUBG streamer was hit with a ban for violation of the games terms of service by killing a teammate. That would have been fine if he had not virtually attacked the game’s creator. The “attack” was not received well given the creator’s past and it is unclear how long Dr Disrepect’s ban will last after all. To me it just emphasizes that if you won’t say something to someone face to face don’t say it online or at all. Humor is easily lost on the Internet and it is a fine line that needs to be walked.
  • Cheap VR – Oculus Rift with touch controllers is currently $400 and will be $500 after the summer sale is over. This is well less than the Vive and on par with PSVR. I have a PC that will support this platform but I still can’t buy into it. $400 is nice but then I need to invest in games which I don’t feel are valuable. Tough choice for anybody.

Closing Arguments

The Destiny 2 Open beta is to be happening this weekend. I want to try it out on at least the PS4 if not on both consoles. I’ve been on the fence as to which platform I’ll purchase the game on, if at all. In all likelihood I will buy the game but I am struggling as to which platform I will buy it and when. Hopefully this open beta will give me some guidance. Having played Destiny since the PS4 alpha, I can’t help but feel somewhat burned and burned out by the game. The hope is that they have addressed the problems ***coughs story*** and added something to it with keeping the best parts of the game intact.

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