Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series – Review

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Of course it’s not as good as the show.

In Westeros nobody is ever safe nor is there time to rest. Follow the plight of the Forrester family as they try to save themselves and their kingdom. The story parallels that of the television show starting at the events of the Red Wedding.  From there the focus is on several members of House Forrester. The brothers are tasked with trying to rule their land while their sister tries to barter alliances in King’s Landing. There is also an arc that finds one of the house’s squires as he is sent to The Wall only to find that it is no safer.

On a technical level the game has issues. The art style is fine and seems to fit the period it is portraying. Where the game breaks is when characters don’t line up in cutscenes. This appears to happen sporadically based on the dialogue choices you have made and how they effect future conversation. It is not game breaking but it is noticeable. The worst part of the game is when you have to actually control a character. Hitting buttons for dialogue choices is fine but the engine breaks a little bit when you have to act for a character. Times when you have to move a joystick in a certain direction doesn’t feel natural and at times feels opposed to what you should be doing. If you think you should dodge left to avoid danger you may be tasked to dodge left to pass the event.

The story itself is intriguing and true to Game of Thrones. There is back stabbing, building alliances, shady characters, everything you should expect from Game of Thrones. The only bad part of the story is the dialogue choices. There were many times where the choice I made did not have the consequence I expected it to. When I thought I was showing empathy for one character I actually told them off quite harshly and ruined any alliance with them. Perhaps I misunderstood some of the choices but I don’t think I misunderstood as many as I found that did not match.

True to being a Telltale game, this game has its highs and lows. There are lulls in the game, especially towards the beginning that make dull enough that some may want to walk away from the game. Sticking through to the end is fulfilling to a point but it was left so obviously at a point which another season of the game can be made. Having played only two episode of The Walking Dead Game but all of the Borderlands game, I would have to say this game is closer to the former than the later but still more worthwhile.

It probably wasn’t much of a coincidence that this game was a PS Plus freebie just before season seven of the the show premiered. I powered through this game across four days. Playing only on episode each of the first three days but once the game got going I played the final three episodes in a day.


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