Dude’s Chronicles 7-13-2017: Life After Knack

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I’m planning a “no-work-weekend”. There won’t be anything done for my job nor any work around the apartment. You know, the exact opposite of last weekend where I took on-call for work and cleaned every single part of my apartment.


  • Arrow: Season 5 – I don’t know about this one. The show up to this point have been enjoyable but watching this season has been a struggle. The tie-ins with Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow are making it a bit of a mess. On top of that I don’t really care for the shows story arc in this season.
  • Castlevania: Season 1 – It was good but it was too short. At only four episodes it was more of a tease than anything. Looking forward to more but I have no idea when they will release anymore.


  • Knack – The game is finished, reviewed and will never be spoken of again. I am only left to ponder why the $*@% they are making a sequel.
  • Overwatch – Just to get that bad Knack taste out of my mouth.


  • Valve ban hammer – About 40,000 people where banned for cheating. I both commend and condemn Valve for doing this. Cheaters should never prosper but Valve did by letting these people buy games during the Summer Sale only to lock them out of their games by enforcing the ban after the sale was over. I want to feel bad for these people but I can’t if they were truly cheating or stealing. This still feels like a dodgy move by Valve to take money and then lock them out when they could have done it before the sale. Pretty backhanded way to get people’s money.
  • It was a slow week and I haven’t been paying much attention, sorry.

Closing Arguments

I’m planning on playing some more of Rise of the Tomb Raider on PS4. Having already played it on Xbox One there are not surprises coming but I did like the game greatly and wanted to go through it again. Other than that though, I want to do as little as possible.

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One thought on “Dude’s Chronicles 7-13-2017: Life After Knack

  1. I haven’t played OW in awhile. After seeing a Torbjorn cosplayer’s costume made entirely out of balloons last weekend though, I may have to try firing that up soon.

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