Marvel Heroes Omega Beta – Review

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It’s still a beta, that explains some of it.

The heroes of the Marvel Universe are working together to stop Doctor Doom. He is using unworldly powers to amass an army and stop all the heroes. All of heroes must criss-cross the world to stop Doctor Doom and his allies.

This MMO has been around for a few years but was on PC only.  There was a closed beta prior to the open beta which makes the quality of this game quite puzzling. Since it is still a beta I can forgive some of the technical issues like frame rates dropping and the game choking a bit when there a ton of effects happening on the screen. These are things that have fixes.

Things that are not so easily fixed are what worry me more about the game. The user interface is a near carbon copy of its PC original which can feel clunky at times when navigating with a controller. Along with the navigation is the readability of the game’s text. There is a fair amount of text in the menus, on items, in cutscenes, and so on, it can be difficult at times to read the text not only because of its size but also its font and color. Remember that most console players sit back from the screen, several feet away on a couch is normal, not within arms length of the screen as PC players do.

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As for the game itself, it is a mixed bag of fun and frustration. The characters range from Black Widow with her guns and The Hulk with his smashing. This give variety and allows you to play any style you may choose. That’s nice but it also thins out the gameplay in a strange way since all the enemies are pretty vanilla and don’t take too much finesse or variation to dispatch. This takes away some of the games fun especially later in the game when most of the enemies effectively become bullet sponges. Late in the story mode of the game I felt like it was expecting me to be a higher level and have better gear than I had but that seems counter to what I wanted because I feel that I should not have to grind if I don’t want to.

The game is free to play but there are options to pay and you can pay a lot if you so choose. There are options to pay anything from $5 to $100. Most of these are characters packs and are completely optional. One thing that I did find annoying at least and downright outrageous was the inventory system. Not only was it extremely limited, causing tot leave stuff or go back to base to store something, you could only expand it with in game currency that you have to buy and cannot earn. That is not a fair thing to do in my mind, make someone pay to fix an annoyance in a game that there is no other way to address, to my knowledge.

Not being a fan of MMO’s made me want to leave the game sooner than I did. In fact I had played the game on PC over a year ago and playing through now shows me that I didn’t make it as far as I thought I had. After finishing the story mode, there isn’t much interest left however. I went through and played a few of the legendary events that open up but they all felt like more of them. Making me replay a story mission just making the enemies harder to kill only to get a mediocre reward at the end offered no interest to me. If you’re are looking for a free to play game that you can endlessly sink time into than maybe Marvel Heroes Omega is for you. I think with a few improvements, particularly the inventory system, the fun factor  could raise this game up a level and be more fun.


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