Dude’s Chronicles 6-15-2017: As E3 Winds Down

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E3 2017 is probably already over if you reading this. Hope you found things to your liking.


  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Season 3 – I went back and watched a few of these and there are moments that it is funny but I just get the sense the the character progression just wasn’t there.
  • Marvel’s The Iron Fist – It feels like I missed something because nothing connected to me in this series. Things felt weird and unnatural throughout its entirety. The main character was probably the one I liked the least to the point I found myself almost rooting for the bad guys.
  • Giant Bomb at E3 – The nightly shows they do have become my favorite part of the event. From hilarious conversation, to in-depth discussion with developers, to the gif’s the fans generate from them these shows never seem to miss. The night two interview with Phil Spencer has taken over as the best moment of E3 in my mind, surpassing Nintendo’s direct. Spencer can be so mechanical and inhuman during the press conference and public events but every time he does an individual or group interview he comes across as that guy that will tell you what you need to hear in the realest way. His candor during this particular interview in regards to Sony’s unwillingness to enable cross-console play was perfect. Without being negative against Sony or whom made the comments about security, he let it be known how he personally felt and how he is willing to do anything to help make this thing happen. Bravo Mr. Spencer, bravo.


  • Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite demo – I don’t like fighting games. With that said, this demo was a compelling slice of what they can do with the story mode of this game. It feels like it is either a set up to or the first level of the game since it quickly sets up some events and many of the characters that will be there. But with that said, I’ll probably never play the full game just because I’m not into fighting games. Worth checking out.
  • Marvel Heroes Omega Beta on PS4 – Story mode finished, review liking getting done this weekend.(There, since I put it in writing now I have to do it.)


  • Take Two takes down mods – They served a cease and desist  order to mod-tool OpenIV. I think this is bad because the mod community brings a lot of life to games and keeps things fresh. The idea that it was somehow interfering with online play is, while possible, but still preposterous because there didn’t seem to be any reports of it and even if there was should it be the developers responsibility to remedy the situation?

Closing Arguments


I’ll be watching the last night of the Giant Bomb coverage to see my favorite boys John Vignocchi, Adam Boyes, and Dave Lang. There is a reason they are the closers.

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3 thoughts on “Dude’s Chronicles 6-15-2017: As E3 Winds Down

  1. I’ve been loving the Giant Bomb at Nite content, and, like you, found the Phil Spencer interview to be the best post-E3 content yet. He’s such a genuine dude who has so much passion for the industry as a whole, and I could listen to him talk about it forever. I like that all of the industry folk and other guests know that Giant Bomb isn’t a standard games outlet and they can let loose. It also helps that Jeff is a great host.

    I can’t wait to catch up on tonight’s shenanigans when they’re uploaded later today.

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