E3 2017 – Passing Thoughts

Image via e3expo.com

This year’s E3 conferences felt mild if not dull with the exception of a few moments.

Microsoft’s conference in particular was low key if not boring. The leading punch going on and on about the poorly named Xbox One X was almost enough to put one to sleep.  For reasons that may never been known, there was an uncomfortable about of time “announcing” the console especially the overly long rattling of technical specifications. This part of the show should have taken about two minutes and summed up with “it ships on November 7th and it costs $499”. I think the price point is right on target but I don’t know that it is going to be a big seller. Hardware hasn’t been much of a driver since this generation of consoles launched and Microsoft would have been better off focusing on games. Don’t get me wrong, they did talk about a lot of games, over forty in fact but there wasn’t much to get excited about. The console exclusivity of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground felt like a fore-drawn conclusion and the biggest cheer of the night seemed to be when they announced backwards compatibility for original Xbox games. This conference lack much enthusiasm and was poorly pace.

Sony doesn’t get a pass either in my book. If there were a way to walk the safe path, tow the line, and use any other cliche about playing it safe it was this press conference. To open with Uncharted The Lost Legacy was pretty limp-wristed since it is an existing IP, we already knew it was coming, and it’s not very innovative given that it is just Uncharted but with chicks instead of dudes. Then there is Days Gone that looks less interesting every time they show it. One high point was the Monster Hunter reveal even tough I’ll likely never play it. The VR section was a mis-mash of stuff but good on Sony to keep supporting it. The Destiny 2 exclusive content wasn’t a surprise, just like the Spiderman gameplay wasn’t.

All the other conferences were just as middling with one stand out. I didn’t even watch the Bethesda event since it was on at midnight in my timezone. The only take away I noticed was the confirmation of another Wolfenstein game(which I didn’t play the previous). The EA conference was the standard fair of Madden and FIFA. Ubisoft didn’t really announce much but I enjoyed the enthusiasm they had during the show, maybe the pending Vivendi takeover has them stepping up their game. To me the Nintendo event was the best overall. It was a typical Nintendo direct and was paced as such but they did the one thing that every company should have done – showcase the games. The talking point were quick and mostly succinct even though there were a few stumbles. In 25 minutes Nintendo showed a ton of games, almost none of which I care about, and got me more excited than any of the other events. That closing number with Super Mario Odyssey was like a mind trip but in a good way.

Surely this is a ton of stuff that I didn’t even touch on. E3 itself is still ongoing but most of the major announcements have been made. I’ll be interested to take a look back at the end of the week and try to tally everything up.


Paul Novak

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