Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Season 3 – Review

Room for growth.

Kimmy and her crew are back at their silly adventures. Still trying to out live her mole-woman past, she finds herself trying to help others and even going to college. All the while Titus is trying to find love, Lillian does find love, and Jacqueline finds purpose.

Things are good and things are not so good with this season. The comedy is well written and delivered, as one would expect from a Tina Fey show, but there is a general lack of direction in this season. Plot lines are all over the place from Kimmy going to collge to Jacqueline getting the Washington Redskins renamed. Jacqueline’s story line felt like the most unnatural part of the show. There were stretches of the season that her story line was happening almost completely separate from Kimmy’s. This made the show feel disjointed and sloppy.

The parts that make me laugh the most usually involve Titus. He’s still my favorite character even though he might be one the the worst people from an humanity standpoint. His heart may have gold in the center but he packs a lot of self-centered attitude around it. There is an entire episode that involves him stealing a bathroom key that demonstrates the best and worst parts of him.

The show is funny and worthwhile but could have done better. Some of the characters did more growing and developing than others. Oddly the title character is the one that seemed to have the least amount of personal growth by the time the season ended. This resulted in some disappointment on my part but I do love the antics of the show and would watch this season as well as any others all over again.



Paul Novak

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