Dude’s Chronicles 6-8-2017: There’s a Calm Before the E3

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It’s a slow news week leading into E3 so that section will be pretty light so lets talk about other things instead.


  • Breaking Bad – I’ve watched the finale several more times and watched some fan theories on Youtube. As much as I love the show I need to move on. The desire to watch it all over again is strong but the want to see other things is stronger.  On that note…
  • The Flash: Season 3 – Watching this show was like taking a hard left without braking from watching Breaking Bad.  All the things I liked about Breaking Bad are absent in this show but it has its own charm. The campy and cartoony-ness of the show are at odds with the moments when it tries to be heartfelt and serious. The show is fun to watch, although I don’t think that it is a very good show when it comes down to it.
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Season 3 – I watched the entire season but I want to go back to a few episode before I divulge any thoughts on it.
  • Marvel’s The Iron Fist – I started watching this when it first came out and gave up after four episodes. Picking up on it now didn’t help but I don’t think it hurt. Again, I want to revisit a few episodes and then I’ll give more thoughts on it.


  • Destiny –  Yep, wall confirmed. I played enough Destiny to test my controllers(more on that later) and that was all I wanted to play.
  • Marvel Heroes Omega Beta on PS4 -I’ve almost finished the story of the game and I want to play just passed that to get a fuller sense of the game. So far it is fun but I feel like I’m hitting a point where I am slightly outmatched by some enemies and the game expects me to grind for levels and loot but I don’t want to grind.


  • Death Stranding won’t be at E3 – cancel all of those predictions.
  • How Mass Effect: Andromeda came to be – I started reading an article that made me scratch my head. I’m planning on reading the rest of it.

Closing Arguments

As mentioned previously, I had to test my PS4 controllers. That is because my thumbsticks needed replaced, again. Having gone through this once already it was easy to do but really made me upset about one of the two things I hate about the DS4 controller. These are the same controllers I have had since the console launched in 2013 and they are my preferred controller. There is some favoritism since the original PlayStation was my first console with analog sticks and I never played the original Xbox. I never had the reverence for the Xbox 360 controller that others do and I don’t care for the Xbox One controller at all. Not to speak against them, they are all fine controllers and the favorites of many, it is just that my preference is the DS4. One of the main reason I like the PlayStation controllers is because the symmetry feels more natural to me rather than the offset stick Xbox and other consoles employ.

You can see  that even my replacement thumbsticks wore out, almost identically to the originals I might add. In the picture above, notice where the rubber broke on the two thumbsticks that were on the left of each controller. That area was on the one o’clock position, towards the top but slightly towards the center of the controller. These replacement sticks were actually Xbox One sticks, not DS4. That was because many recommendations on the Internet stated doing so was an improvement and I was very happy with the results until these also tore up on me last week.

Back to Amazon I went to order yet another set of replacement sticks. This time I made sure there was no rubber involved. I looked at the factory sticks for the Xbox One controller and several others. In the end I went with aluminum thumbsticks in the mold of the Xbox One controller. If you are worried about the lack of grip of a metal thumbstick let me speak in its favor. I had the same concern but after about an hour of play time in Destiny I found it actually works for me. Apparently I move my thumbs around on the sticks enough that the smoothness of the top surface has actually made some of my movements more fluid. The lip leading from the top to the grooved rim gives me an oddly fantastic grip as I play. As my thumb works to the rim, it feels almost glued to it until I need to move it again. It may not be the feel everybody is looking for admittedly but for me it seems to work.

What is the other gripe about the DS4??? The battery of course. I was ok with the battery life of the DS4 and never thought much of having to switch controllers while I was playing until I went back and played an entire Metal Gear game on the PS3 without changing or recharging a controller.

On to the weekend from here and it’s another long one. I work Friday but took Monday off. As The Iron Sheik says “F@*& the Monday Forever”. Last long weekend for a while as the work schedule will have me pinned down a bit. Enjoy yours as much as I will mine.

Paul Novak

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A self described Polish ninja toiling away as an IT professional but more into gaming and writing. Physically existing on the western side of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania yet existentially flowing with the ether of the Internet.


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