The Flash: Season 3 – Review

Good but lacking.

Barry Allen has used his speed force powers to change time, again. After going back to save his mother Allen finds himself in a present day where things aren’t right. Although he has his parents he is finding that many other things are not as they should be. As much as he tries to make this reality work it is still wrong to him. Once again, he must go back and change time again. Even after letting his mother die, again, the present still isn’t exactly as he originally left it. Allen must now face all the pitfalls and consequences of his actions. Even across time will his mistakes haunt him.

This show is generally clever and fun. Granted it is based on a comic book and sometimes it seems more cartoony than necessary. The characters help drive the show beyond what it is really about, a guy that can run really fast. The relationships Barry Allen forges and holds dear are the true heart of the show.  Without giving spoilers, one of the key parts of the season follows an arc where a member of Team Flash has taken a dark path but the team never gives up on this person showing just how much they really are more of a family than a team.

As much as the show is fun it has its faults. Any show that uses time travel as a device ultimately has issues. Perhaps I missed something but it was never explained why things are slightly different after Allen resets the time line. Then there is the whole idea of something needing to pre-exist itself in order for it to exist at all. That idea only got worse when the show itself tried to explain it and made it seem even more ridiculous when after the explanation the characters just through their hands up in the air essentially say “yeah, what a pickle” and then walk away. It is as if the writers just couldn’t even convince themselves that what they were trying to convey worked.

It is unclear how much longer it can go without some retooling. For me, there seems to be serious issues about Barry Allen’s inability to learn from his mistakes. How many times does this guy have to change time before he realizes it messes things up and he shouldn’t do it? Then there is the layering of time travel on top of the multiple universes. If that weren’t complicated enough, there is an awful lot of cross show tie-ins with Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl. At first all these were fun but then it makes me wonder how it is this show cannot stand on its own?

I enjoy the show but I’m not anxious about the next season. Where this season left off leaves some possibilities open. However, I can only wonder if they will keep doing the same type of writing instead of makes a few changes.


Paul Novak

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4 thoughts on “The Flash: Season 3 – Review

  1. I haven’t had the chance to jump into season 3, though I loved the first two (and Flash is my favorite hero of all time). I did finally sit down to watch Assassin’s Creed and Logan, both of which I enjoyed. Maybe I’ll start this tonight.

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