Breaking Bad – Review

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Breaking brilliant.

Walter White is a meek man. A mild mannered high-school chemistry teacher working an extra job at a car wash to provide for his family. Not that having a teenage son with Cerebral Palsy weren’t enough, add on your wife becoming unexpectedly pregnant all while you are getting ready to turn fifty. Although he greatly loves his family and they seemingly love him back, things only get worse. Walter finds out he has lung cancer. Faced with treatments that he cannot afford, he forgoes the generosity of friends and makes a decision that will send him down a path of darkness. To provide a legacy for his family Walter White makes the fateful decision to employ his knowledge of chemistry in the most profitable but most illegal manner imaginable… cooking meth. This is but the first of many decisions that seals Walter’s, and his family’s, fate.

Even though this show ended almost four years ago I will not be discussing spoilers. This show was good enough that I feel it should be properly experienced by watching it rather than reading about it. To that end, no spoilers are to come and I will only speak of moments in the show in the most vague terms possible.

From the start, Breaking Bad leaves no path unexplored. As soon as Walter makes his decision to cook meth the show makes no hesitation to follow any path. Whereas other shows would steer towards or tease something that could possibly be the worst outcome, this show would walk straight down that path stomping its feet directly passed the point you thought it would stop then turn around and tell you to hurry the $@*& up and keep up with it. If you ever think that there is no way they will kill off a character you had better prepare yourself. That is the only warning I will give you.

Beyond the total arch of Breaking Bad there are moments that stand out. The moments that stand out to me may not necessarily be the ones that stand out for others. There are the moments that were well known or noted in popular culture while the show was on air. Things like “I am the danger” and “say my name” took on statuses outside of the show. While those were notable moments I tend to think there were more impactful moments. When Walter is talking to his son and telling him about the only true memory he has of his own father it not only gave depth to the character but demonstrated the range of Bryan Cranston. He made you forget it was just a show and drew you into that time and place, not just that of a father talking to his son but that of Walter in that moment with his own father. There was also the moment when Walter reveals his true motivation to his wife and the look on Anna Gunn’s face of disbelief conveys a level of despair and release that gives the scene more gravity than the words and context themselves. If you take the time to watch the show to the very end, you’ll see the end payoff in spectacular fashion when sight and sound merge to a singular point of brilliance just before the final credits roll.

The investment of hours in this show are well exceeded by the return you get on them. By the time I finished the final episode I already wanted to go back and watch it all over again. The show draws you in so much that on a particular Sunday I started watching at ten in the morning, had Netflix press me if I was still watching several times, and finally realized that at eight in the evening I had done nothing else with my day. The only bad thing I will say about this show is that it makes me wish that other shows would live up to its level of quality. I know full well that this is unlikely to happen but I can’t help but think that some shows just aren’t reaching their potential based on what I’ve seen in Breaking Bad.

What I have left after watching this show is moving on to Better Call Saul. I watched the first two seasons of that show before watching Breaking Bad even though Better Call Saul is a prequel to the former.  There were serious considerations on my part to not watch Breaking Bad until Better Call Saul concluded but given that that show is only in its third season I just couldn’t wait. Also, I wanted to see how the producers would blend in the events of Breaking Bad into the show.

In conclusion, watch Breaking Bad if you haven’t already.


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