Dude’s Chronicles 6-1-2017: Covfefe

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If it actually is a real word he wins because he outsmarted us. If it isn’t a real word he still wins because he completely distracted everyone from noticing anything else he is doing. Damn it.


  • Breaking Bad – I’ve finished the series and am still trying to wrap my mind around it. I’ve watched the finale several times. When the show was ongoing on AMC I never bought into the hype of how good it was, once again I’m proven wrong.


  • Destiny –  I think I hit that wall again where it doesn’t feel rewarding or even fun so it is time to stop playing again. Grinding strike and collecting bounties without getting any increase is one thing but to do that and not get any loot worth keeping otherwise really is a motivational killer.
  • Marvel Heroes Omega Beta on PS4 – I played the original game on PC sometime ago and this version feels very similar to that. The switch from mouse and keyboard to dual stick controller is noticeably not perfect but not terrible either. I’ll likely play more of this as I would like to at least finish the story mode. That would put me at the same point I left the PC version.


  • RIP PS3 – Look, it had to happen eventually. Production is ending on the PS3, at least in Japan but likely everywhere else soon as well.
  • NieR: Automata has sold over 1.5 million copies – That number seems low. I really enjoyed this game but I can see where others would not have an interest.
  • New Overwatch map – The moon map has been revealed via a video but no release date. Not much to say about that until they give a date and we get to play on it. I haven’t played this game in over a month, I really should jump back into it.

Closing Arguments

After getting slammed by work last weekend, I’m looking forward to having some real time off to relax. So much so that I took Monday off as well.

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2 thoughts on “Dude’s Chronicles 6-1-2017: Covfefe

  1. For a niche title in a series most gamers have never heard of, and one that’s console exclusive to PlayStation, 1.5 million isn’t too shabby for NieR. By comparison, the Tales series of RPGs sees a good enough return to release a new game annually and the latest one, Tales of Berseria, only sold 440,000 copies on PS4. Since NieR’s developmental duties were passed off to Platinum, I’d have to imagine they made their money back and we’ll likely see another game down the line. Hopefully lol. I loved that game so much.

    I started messing around in Marvel Heroes Omega on PS4 as well. I really dig Iceman’s kit, since it feels similar to a Diablo III wizard. I’d also like to pick up Hulk at some point. I never played it on PC, though, so this is all new to me.

    Breaking Bad is one of those intimidating series where I know I’d like it and really want to watch it, but it’d probably take me all year to get through every season. One day, though.

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