Tales From the Borderlands – Review

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Everything that is Borderlands but without the looting and shooting.

In the post-Handsome Jack era, everybody at Hyperion is trying to get their piece of the action and climb the corporate ladder. Rhys is no exception, he and his friends finally think they have made their big break. As per the usual back-stabbing of Hyperion, Rhys finds himself on the short end with his boss being killed and Rhys’s nemesis taking his place. Rather than taking the demotion to janitor, Rhys and friends decide to stab back at their back stabber by highjacking a deal he is making. This is the start of a path that will take the team to Pandora where they will meet people and situations that they never dared to imagine. Luckily they meet up with Fiona and her sister Sasha whom become allies, unwillingly at first, in their quest for revenge and fortune.

Having not liked The Walking Dead games from TellTale, I was hesitant, to say the least, to even play this game. However, the price was right(free from my PS Plus subscription) and a friend(Mr. CheapBossAttack himself) gave it a high recommendation.  My fears were unfounded and I quickly came to enjoy this game.

This game gets right many of the things it needed, not only in the sense of being a Borderlands game but just being an enjoyable game in general. A lot of people still don’t consider this game a “Borderlands” game because it is not in the action-shooter genre that the series is known for. I will give it that distinction because not being an action-shooter is the only thing it lacks for being included the Borderlands universe. It does a great job to tell a story that fits perfectly to the universe along with bringing back familiar characters while mixing in new ones. To further prove that this game belongs, consider the humor and art. The witty/smart-ass banter is in true tone with Borderlands when giving the choice of telling someone off or telling them how it is. The most obvious attribute of the game is the graphical style and it is done in true Borderlands style with a subtle but distinct flavor of TellTale.

Watch where you put that hand!!!

Of course I won’t say the game is perfect. There are a few continuity errors, some more minor than others. The worst ones came near the end of the game when I was given choices of characters that I clearly shouldn’t have, whereas I didn’t have characters available and had no idea why. There were little things like parts of dialogues scenes not matching because of the choices you had made. Through out the game characters would slightly jump from one place to another because the scene was rendered differently based on different choices. It may be a minor complaint and one some would never see, when using sub-titles there was an annoying little thing they do when they type out above a choice wheel then completely disappear when you make your choice only to start typing completely over. This sometimes lead to the scene being out of sync with the sub-titles themselves.

The game is fun to play for numerous reasons. Fans of Borderlands will love the humor, characters and story, even without the gunplay and loot. Those that don’t want action and want more story will easily be appeased by this title. It is also not too long and not too short. Total play time is about ten hours and it makes that most of that.One part of the game that I will praise is their use of music. The blending of sight and sound in this game reaches back to that of the original game and exceeds that of the sequels. The last episode is likely the weakest of the five entries but it does do well to tie everything together and give closure to the game.


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