Dude’s Chronicles 5-18-2017: RIP For A Legend

Image via nbcnews.com

I was having a pretty damn good day until I saw the news.  Chris Cornell was to me, and many others, a god-like entity in the world of music in my adolescence.  Damn shame to hear of his passing.


  • Giant Bomb – If you are a premium member, the Murder Island series is a must. Their attempts at strategy are even hilarious much less when they end up shooting each other. I may never play PlayerUnknown’s Battleground but I appreciate just for having created content like this.
  • Dana Carvey: Straight White Male, 60 – I’m a long time fan of this guy and highly enjoy seeing him in action.


  • Destiny – Just a couple of strikes here and there to fill some time.
  • NieR: Automata – Into my third play through and still enjoying it. Other than the first phase of the third play through that is. That part almost had me throwing the controller.


  • Fry Cry 5 and The Crew 2 confirmed – Haven’t played Far Cry since 3. Never played The Crew. Good for those that want more of those games though.
  • Phantom Dust is available for free – I never played this game but given that it is free I’ll at least give it a go.
  • Goodbye Alan Wake – The game was pulled both physically and digitally from shops due to music licensing that is expired. If you wanted to play the game you best look hard for that off-brand shop that still has a copy.
  • Pirates pirated by pirates – Apparently Internet pirates have acquired the next Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Men Tell No Tales, and are holding it for ransom. I doubt the studio will ever pay said ransom as it sets a bad president for the industry and there is always that thought that even after it is paid the pirates will release it on the Internet anyway. That is a net lose-lose situation.
  • Destiny 2 – I know there was a big reveal and stream today but I haven’t had time to look into that. I want to be more thorough before saying anything about it.
  • South Park: The Fractured But Whole release date – October 17th it is…..

Closing Arguments

A friend of mine started his own blog. Check it out, he’s an interesting fella.

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