Dude’s Chronicles 4-27-2017: Some Things Can Never Be Unseen

For this week, the chronicle will be a little bit different. I didn’t watch any tv shows or movies of substance. Most of my time was spent on YouTube and podcasts so I’ll hit some of the highlights, so to speak.


  • Giant Beastcast – This is the podcast from the East coast crew from Giant Bomb. I really missed Vinny Caravella when he went back East and I’ve been gleeful to have him doing a podcast again. This week they hit their 100th episode. Cheers boys!
  • Giant Bombcast – The original Giant Bombcast done by the West coast crew. The last few weeks, if not months, have been different since Dan Ryckert moved to the East coast early in the year and then Drew Scanlon left for other pursuits. Normally there are not a lot of guests on the show but to help fill in there have been many more. This has proven to be a nice change of pace and some different view points on topics.
  • Team GFB Radio – If you follow Giant Bomb then you know who Dave Lang is. He is head of Iron Galaxy Studios and along with his friend/employee Darryl Wisner they do a podcast. I would say Dave goes off topic regularly but as far off as he gets at times he usually has a point or at least a funny story.
  • DZR Engage – I’ve written about the DZR community before, from its roots a community for The Division to the public events they have held. This week’s episode was the inspiration for the graphic at the top of this post. They were describing the trailer for Ghost Recon’s Wildland DLC named Narco Road and all I could think of was Mad Max: Fury road. Their description seemed so odd and strange I couldn’t help but use my lack luster editing skills to make the picture.
  • Counter Attack Games – I started listening to this because I used to podcast with one of these guys. Brad from Cheap Boss Attack and I used to work at the same site a while back. It’s good to hear him again and I look forward to more. Check out the podcast at Counter Attack Games.


  • Mass Effect: Andromeda – I’m holding true to my ban from last week.
  • Overwatch – Uprising is still going and as much as I enjoy it I sort of dialed back on it because people just want to go kill everything rather than hit the objectives. This makes the game more frustrating than fun at times because you end up failing when there is no real reason you should.
  • The Division – I lasted about two games of Last Stand and turned it off. Not that I hated the game or did poorly I just didn’t feel a desire to continue.


  • Twitch Affiliates – A lower tier Partner program that until some people get enrolled and some time into it there isn’t much to say. Looks like Twitch is trying to keep more revenue in house rather than having streamers use GameWisp or the like.
  • Nier: Automata DLC – Set to release on May 2. I haven’t gotten to play this game yet  other than the demo. That should give some lead time so that I can see if I want the DLC or not.
  • Overwatch maps – Apparently up to six maps are in development and three of them may release this calendar year. It is always nice to see Blizzard continuing to put content into this game and showing a long term commitment to keeping it fresh.
  • Delay to Resident Evil 7 DLC – Good to hear that free DLC is getting delayed to make sure the quality is up to snuff. As always, I’d rather see a game delayed than to have it come out broken and the fact that it is free gives little reason to complain.
  • Red Dead Redemption mod for GTA 5 canceled – This was all but inevitable.

Closing Arguments

Proving that communities are weird, wonderful things somebody in the Giant Bomb community made this site.  There are no explanations to some things.

Paul Novak

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