Overwatch: Uprising

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Nearly a year after Overwatch’s original release the game still has a loyal following and diverse player base. Blizzard hasn’t let the game just sit around though, it continues to give it’s players something to come back to.  Not content just to do patches and fixes, they have continued to drip new content into the game. There have been several characters added and special events have been held. The latest special event, named Uprising, is a yet another goodie.

The event is set in a time preceding that of the main game itself and tells the tale of Tracer’s first Overwatch mission. The game mode has a fixed cast of warriors to send with Tracer, those being Torbjorn, Reinhardt, and Mercy. The task at hand is to handle a robot uprising in King’s Row. To do this the team must infiltrate the area, secure several key areas, escort a payload, and then defeat enemies on your way to extraction.

After the intro movie, which players can vote to skip, Uprising plays out much like a Destiny strike in that there are stages and steps you must complete. You must go to an area, capture a point while defeating enemies and then move on. Then at one point you must escort a payload just like in the game’s regular game mode.  There are several different enemies that you must defeat. Of course there are robots that will attack you directly but there are also some that will attack your payload. Be careful of these later ones as they will destroy your payload causing your mission to immediately fail.

Uprising is not a PVP event like most of the game’s matches. This is a PVE only mode and it makes the most of it. With the previously mentioned enemies, combat can get hectic even on Normal which is its easiest setting. Most of the enemies aren’t hard to kill, with the exception of one that has a shield that requires some extra time and attention, but most of the time you are exposed causing you to fight enemies in all directions. Near the end of the match there are some harder enemies but careful strategy will get you through, be aggressive but not too. My experience has shown that those playing as Reinhardt tend to get a little too deep into combat and get into some dangerous situations. Sometimes it would be better if the Reinhardt’s held back and protected rather than attacked. Also, players seem to concentrate too much on killing enemies and neglect the need to stay close enough to capture the objectives. Many times I was the only person in the zone to capture objectives. During most of my matches I played as Mercy, which I do so for my main gameplay as well, finding that there is somewhat of a chaotic art of healing and buffing across the other players at key times as they get in and out of range. Resurrecting teammates can be the difference between success and failure at times with the chances of multiple teammates being down at any time.

There are things about this event that show me how subtly brilliant Blizzard can be. First of is the trickling of story content into the game. Not only does the intro set up a key point to one of the most beloved characters, you get more if you listen to the dialogue between the characters through out. Its these little nuances that make the game seem even more brilliant. As far as game design, there is also another mode that opens up the hero catalog to all heroes. Doing so shows how well Blizzard can balance a games because allowing a mix of any of the heroes was the only times I failed missions. When I played in the main mode with the set characters I never failed to my recollection. To me this shows that Blizzard takes great attention to note and account for role balance in this game.

Uprising has been fun. I played enough to get all nine loot boxes. What I got from those loot boxes wasn’t great but I’m okay with that. Not being one to seek after certain skins or such, it didn’t really matter what I was getting. It was more important for me to feel connected to the game after not playing for weeks and have fun. Accomplishing both was fantastic and makes me look forward to playing more in the future whether there are special events or not.


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